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Teacher bashes student’s head for refusing to be his lover in Imo [Photos]

According to a Facebook user, Uzuegbu Prosper, who shared the story, he said a SS2 student of Ubomiri Girls Secondary School was on Thursday attacked by her teacher who was posted from Alvan Ikeokwu Federal College of Education, Owerri Imo State. He disclosed that the unidentified teacher committed the act after he was involved in a heated argument with the victim during her second term examination. In the post, the victim identified as Victoria revealed that the teacher had for long been disturbing and threatening her to be his lover. A request which she had always rejected Read the full story after the cut…



“I am particularly and pathetically troubled and perturbed about the way and manner some people can be deliberately dreaded and cruel. Just for nothing. This is a story of a SS2 student of Ubomiri Girls’ Secondary School, Miss Victoria by name, who was ruthlessly and wickedly planked by a Teaching Practice student from Alvan Ikeokwu Federal College of Education, Owerri, Imo State. According to this extremely pained student, she lamented how this young man had been disturbing and pestering her life for a long time ago since he was posted in the aforementioned school. He got the rare opportunity and committed this height of cruelty, when these students were writing their 2nd term exam, yesterday, 23rd March, 2017.

I was reliably informed that they (students) were busy writing exam having given a short time near to school dismissal. They were not satisfied with what they have put in paper. Particularly, he got to her and started dragging the answer sheet, and bantering words with the student. This is morally and socially unacceptable and condemnable. ‘He has been disturbing and threatening me to be his lover, of which I wouldn’t like to, owing to the fact that, I’m still a training child and student. I am extremely pained. I am emotionally and psychologically traumatized over this wickedness exhibited by someone who supposed to be my teacher, now turned to my tormentor”, she bitterly complained.

[Linda Ikeji]

Chimamanda named by Fortune Magazine on its ‘Top 50 World Leaders’ list

Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie has been named among the top 50 world leaders for 2017 by Fortune Magazine. She was ranked 42 on the list that has Theo Epstein, President of the Chicago Cubs as number one.
The list ranks men and women transforming the world and inspiring others In business, government, philanthropy and the arts, and all over the globe to do the same.
Others who made the list include, Jack Ma, Pope Francis, Shakira, Lebron James and others.
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9ice – My kids always come first before marriage

Abolore Akande, popularly known as 9ice has come a long way in the Nigerian music industry, having gained recognition in 2005, after releasing his first single, “Little Money”. Since then, the ‘Alakpomeji’ crooner’ has not slowed down in his quest to be on top of his game. Recently, he signed a new deal with Temple Management Company, TMC, which marked a new beginning in his musical career. But beyond this, 9ice craves for happiness in all ramifications. He believes that not having children from one woman can deprive him of his happiness. In this engaging interview , 9ice speaks about what gives him happiness, his music, new management and marriage.

You recently signed a deal with Temple Management Company, how are you enjoying the new experience?
Like you said, it’s a new experience for me. So far so good, I’m welcoming all the ideas and experiences. I’m loving it.

You once lamented the difficulties associated with an artiste managing himself. Now that you have a management in place, how far do you intend to go in your career?
An artiste will go far because he has all the time to creatively create a new sound. Now, he has people that monitor your image out there, book shows for you and ensure that you dress in a particular way. So, the artiste’s sole priority is to make music unlike before, where you have to be your own manager, your own booking agent and promoter. My sole priority now is to create good sounds.

When you were managing yourself, what was it like?
It was hectic but also, fun. This is because it was a new industry that was growing up then. So, to find myself in that situation at that time was new to me even though I was having fun.

What motivated you to go into politics?
We tried politicians, they failed us, the media failed us too. We have not tried pastors and entertainers. So, if a press man is qualified to be a politician, what stops me from going into politics. Am I not a Nigerian? I can vote and be voted for. So, what’s wrong with my going into politics?“

It’s unusual seeing a musician going into politics.
Well, to see a musician at my level going into politics is new in Nigeria. But we are being used by politicians as tools for their campaign. So, I will rather campaign for myself and do what I need to do because I know how to deliver and I have my name to protect. So, why do I need to campaign for another person.

“What was the experience like?
I learnt a lot of lessons and I can tell you that it will take God Almighty to reposition Nigeria. Yes, I can say that I would have won my primaries if they had allowed my Local Government to vote. In spite of that, I defeated about three sitting commissioners. I came second during the primaries, so, it was a wonderful experience for me. I don’t have any regrets, but going into politics taught me a lot of things. That’s why I said earlier that it would take God Almighty to reposition Nigeria.

Did you go into politics because music at the time wasn’t as challenging as it used to be?
Yes, it wasn’t and I said it loud and clear. Music wasn’t challenging any more, in terms of the drive, the motivation and the passion. Those days, you hear someone’s songs and you want to become a better singer. It wasn’t like that any more. People dance to the beats. We listen to music because we want to learn something, not because one wants to dance to the rhythm. That’s my school of thought. So, music wasn’t challenging to me at the time I went into politics. When I was coming up, it was challenging then.

What’s your greatest hit that each time you listen to it, you feel like remixing the song?
It’s the song I titled, “Any Time.” It talks about my life and experiences. While I was growing up, the things I experienced in my life; how I scaled through the hurdles of becoming a man. I am planning to do a remix of the song with Youssou N’Dour.

There’s a statement credited to you that you wished all your children came from the same mother. Are you regretting your marital life?
There are so many things anybody can wish himself in life. I can wish to be the governor of Lagos State. Need is different from want.

But does it mean that you have not been lucky, in terms of marriage?
I am very lucky and I am happy with what I have. Being married does not mean that you are going to be happy, unless we want to deceive ourselves.

Supposing your ex -wife, Toni comes back to you, will you give her another chance?
She’s with me and we are both happy. She’s living her life while I’m living my own life. Happiness is the most important thing. Don’t let your family push you into doing anything you don’t like. If you want to stay in marriage, all well and good. But if you think not getting married gives your happiness, don’t marry. It is not by force that one must marry. God is not going to punish anybody who refused to get married.

So, how do you run your home?
How I run my home is different from how you run your own home. I might not be the one running the home. It might be the mothers of my kids who are running the home in my absence and they are doing it perfectly well. And the glory will come to me. When it comes to marital issues, it is a game of luck. Nobody can come and tell me that I’m perfect that’s why I’m married. We all know how it’s being done. People have issues in marriage everyday. What I want in my life is happiness and I’m having it now. And I’m loving it. Marriage or no marriage, I am happy and I have my children. That’s the important thing to me. Another source of my happiness is my focus on my music. If you are happy, you can make the next person around you happy. What I want in life is happiness, whether I get in marriage or out of marriage, is irrelevant to me.

At what point did you start enjoying the reward of your sweat?
At the moment, I released “Gongo Aso”as a single, not as an album. When I released my first album there were many singles that were making it. But I can’t genuinely say I have arrived. But when I released “Gongo Aso”, as a single, it announced me. After which I released album after album.


3 die as another Benue village is attacked

Makurdi – The Police said in Makurdi on Friday that Tse-Achia (a Benue village) near Kasar in the outskirts of Zaki Biam, Ukum Local Government Area of Benue, has been burnt.

This is coming few days after Zaki Biam Yam Market was razed by hoodlums leading to the death of 17 people and 11 injured.

Burnt houses in Benue village

The Police Public Relations Officer in the State, ASP Moses Yanmu, said the arsonists carried out the attack in the early hours of Friday.

Yanmu said four houses were burnt while three persons, including a woman, were burned in one of the houses.

The police spokesman added that preliminary investigations revealed that the attack was `retaliatory.’

He said the identity of the attackers was still unknown but assured that the culprits would be apprehended and brought to book.

Yanmu said investigations had revealed that the driver that drove the vehicle that conveyed the people who attacked Zaki Biam was from the village.

NAN recalls that gunmen had besieged Zaki Biam village in a Toyota car few days ago shooting sporadically and destroying things on their trail.

The police said they were yet to fathom the motive of the attackers, but appealed to those with useful information that might lead to their arrest to volunteer it to security agencies.


Ndidi must replace Mikel Obi in Super Eagles – Henry Makinwa

Former Nigeria international, Henry Makinwa, has said Leicester City’s new boy, Wilfred Ndidi, has to replace Super Eagles captain John Obi Mikel, in the national team. A case which has been strongly made over the past few months since Ndidi’s meteoric rise.

Henry Makinwa was speaking in an interview with Goal, following the Eagles’ 1-1 draw with Senegal at The Hive Stadium on Wednesday.

“John Obi Mikel should allow Wilfred Ndidi to take charge for now. He is simply better off seeing his performance for his club and with the country.

“For our forthcoming qualifiers, they must work smarter and pick the best lads playing in their clubs regularly.

“Nigeria can’t afford to lose out on major international tournaments for now. All players must be on their toes.”

Henry Makinwa also expressed happiness that Nigeria avoided defeat against the Terranga Lions.

“It is a good outcome for the Super Eagles against Senegal.

“At least they avoided defeat even without much training together. The technical adviser [Gernot Rohr] has not lost with Nigeria.

“It’s a friendly match so psychologically all efforts are not effected by the lads and some players invited are to be seen as trialists,” he said.

[Daily Post]

I begged Davido to use condom during sex but he refused – Alleged babymama

Barely a week after Nigerian singer, Davido, denied having a 4-year-old child, the alleged babymama, Ayomide Labinjo, has come up with more revelations.

Recall that last week, reports emerged that the Omo Baba Lowo had another baby with the Ibadan-based lady, apart from his babymama, Sophia Momodu.

It was reported that the singer impregnated the lady in 2013, but told her to keep it.

But Davido reacted to the report on his twitter handle, @iam-Davido, saying the baby does not belong to him.

He also threatened to sue the Punch Newspaper for reporting lies about him.

But in a new development, the lady has opened up to the newspaper, recalling what they did before sex, how he allegedly made love to her twice before they break of dawn and how the singer is not a fan of wearing condoms during sex.

She said, “I was shocked that Davido said he gave me money. I saw where he said he sent money to my family and that is a lie.

“The question I would ask is that what account did he pay the money into? He should bring out the bank teller. He has never given me money.

“If they said they have given me money, there would be a record or evidence and they should bring it out. Even when we had sex, he never gave me money for transport.

“David is a very stingy person and I would not be the first person saying this. I have heard it from different girls, David is very stingy.

“The reason I slept with him the first time we met was because I just wanted to catch my fun.

“The day we met at the club, Ebevande, I was with my friends, I did not really know him then but I just knew he was an artiste.

“I went out with my female friends; we had like a ladies night out; then one of his bouncers came to meet me and told me that his boss wanted to see me. I actually thought it was the owner of the club that wanted to see me.

“When I got to where they were, I noticed that it was David and he was with B. Red. I greeted both of them, B. Red did not respond but David did and we talked. He collected my pin and asked me to return to my seat.

“When they were about to leave, the bouncer came to meet me again and informed me that they wanted to leave. My friends thought we were all going together but when we all got to the car, he asked my friends to go back. He said that I was the one he wanted to see.

“We went to the Genesis Hotel. When we got to the room, we talked for a long while before we had sex. He is a very jovial person and he loves talking. He made me laugh a lot and we talked at length. B. Red was in the other room.

“I insisted that he should protect himself by wearing a condom before sex but he refused. He said that he does HIV test every two weeks. Then I asked him how sure he was that I did not have any disease but he said he was very sure I did not have a disease.

“After he had said all that, I told him to just do what he wanted to do and allow me go home in the morning. That night, he had sex with me twice.

“You would know he was in the mood to have sex that night and it lasted for a while. He has a big manhood and it hurt me a little. The second time was when he noticed I was leaving in the morning and he just wanted to have sex with me again.

“The second time, the sex did not last long because he was very tired and he did not even know when I left the hotel. I do not drink or smoke but David drinks and smokes. He drank and smoked in the club.

“I am very sure he is the father of my child because I did not have a boyfriend when we met. I had some male friends but it was just a platonic relationship I had with them and nothing serious.

“I don’t jump from one bed to another and that is why I am very bold and certain that he is the father of my child. If I had been sleeping around, I would not be that bold to talk.

“All I want is for Davido to step forward for another DNA test; even if the result shows that Davido is the father of my child, I doubt mutual love would co-exist between them because of the way he has treated her all these years.

“I just want him to take up his responsibility but I heard he is not ready for another DNA. My mother has gone to a lawyer and we would eventually go to court because I know we have a good case.

“I was told that even if David does not want to step out for a DNA, any of his siblings could step in for him.

“Once everything is settled, I just want him to take care of his daughter but there cannot be mutual love between us. Even the way he talks to me cannot allow for mutual love.”

Meanwhile, Davido has not responded to the development yet.

[Daily Post]

#BBNaija: What got me evicted from the house – Gifty reveals

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Gifty Powers has owned up to making certain serious mistakes that led to her evicted from the reality show.

Gifty, during in an interview with Vanguard Star Tracker, admitted she messed up big time and that she thinks her fake accent as well as the Banky W and Falz controversy were the reasons Nigerians evicted her out of the show.

According to her, she only wanted to be controversial and hilarious just to make the house lively but ended up shooting herself in the foot and getting evicted.

She said: “I think Nigerians voted me out because of my fake accent as well as the Banky W and Falz controversy. That’s the reasons I was kicked out of the competition.

“My strategy while in the BBNaija house was to be controversial and hilarious. So, I tried to fake both English, Iranian and Ghanaian accents just to make the house lively. I was being funny.

“I think I over-played my game in the house. It wasn’t what I expected. But we are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes.

“Yes, I accept the responsibility for my mistakes. I know that I messed up big time. I’m not perfect and I can’t say that I did perfectly well in the house. Although, I tried my best, I think I over-played the game.

Gifty also said that contrary to popular belief that she had ‘feelings’ for Soma, she actually fell in love with only Jon who was one of the fake housemates introduced into the game to stir up some controversy and keep the real housemates on their toes.

She said the reason she got so attracted to him had to do with his quietness, intelligence, smartness and cool nature.

She said: “To be honest, I don’t think I fell in love with anybody. I was playing my game because everyone in that house actually had their own strategies. And mine was to be controversial and hilarious; to make the guys fall in love with me, to be jovial, playful and smart. I didn’t fall in love at all.

“I would use the word ‘attracted to a guy.’ I was attracted to John, the fake housemate. Viewers had this mindset that I was attracted to Soma, but it wasn’t true. I was playing my game, but one guy I was attracted to, while I was in the house was John.

“I never knew he was a fake housemate. He has this appearance of calm and reserved young man. He was so quiet, intellectual, smart and cool. I was moving close to him because he had this crazy ways that I was trying to add to my own plan.”

[Daily Post]

Muslim woman savagely lashed in public for having sex outside marriage [Photos]

An Indonesian woman has been left in serious pains after being savagely lashed in public for allegedly having sex outside of marriage.
The incident happened in the Aceh province of Indonesia, which uses a strict form of Sharia law. Under the law, men and women are forbidden to have sexual relations outside of wedlock.
The punishment for extramarital affairs is lashing the individual in public to set example for others. Usually, the punishment is executed by a masked man wearing black robes on a raised platform.
Deputy mayor Zainal Arifin told local media: “Caning sentences have been enforced many times in the city of Banda Aceh.
“This proves that the government and the people of Banda Aceh are committed to implementing and enforcing the sharia.”
Aceh has special autonomous status and is the only province in Indonesia to adopt Islamic law. It introduced Sharia law after being granted special autonomy in 2001.

Shocking! Commotion erupts in Lagos as woman transforms into bird [Photos]

There was serious drama in Lagos recently after a woman allegedly transformed into a bird. The woman said to be a witch was arrested by a higher power after reportedly transforming into the animal.
According to Stephen Ihesiaba, the Overseer at The Lord’s Army Ministry in Lagos who shared the photos, the incident attracted the attention of a large crowd who came to catch a glimpse of the woman who transformed.
“May Almighty God continue to disgrace your enemy. Any evil man or woman transforming to any kind of animal or bird flying against you Shall be disgraced openly in JESUS CHRIST NAME……….” Ihesiaba added.

Singer Miguel denies sexually assaulting university student

Miguel has finally reacted to the claims by a university student who took to Instagram accusing him of sexual molestation.

TMZ caught up with the singer, Miguel, at the LAX airport and asked for his own side of the story. And he had a completely different narration of events.

Miguel (Google)

The ‘Adorn‘ crooner brushed it off calling the student’s claim as simple attention-seeking.

I think we’re just in a time where people are really looking for attention in the wrong ways,” he said. Adding, “It’s kind of sad actually. You’ve always got to be more aware of how things can be and how things can be spun. It’s a crazy time.

Recall that the lady with the Instagram handle @Xian.bass narrated how the singer had groped her without her consent after taking a picture with him at a club.

Xian Bass narrating her ordeal (Instagram)

He reaches his hand down my shirt and takes my breast out of my top. It was so sudden,” she said in the video.

When news of the story broke out, Miguel’s girlfriend, Nazanin, came to his defence saying, “Why respond to clown foolery? That’s what she wants.

Will there be a lawsuit this time?


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