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How PDP ruined Nigeria – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ruined Nigeria before it was voted out.

APC National Publicity Secretary, Bolaji Abdullahi, said this on Thursday in response to the spokesman of the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led faction of the PDP, Dayo Adeyeye, who said President Muhammadu Buhari had improvised the masses and that “Nigeria is worse off than the APC met her in 2015”.

Abdulahhi noted that “As a Party that was formerly in the opposition, the APC is aware of the role a thriving opposition can play in sustaining democracy.

“However, it appears that the marginal group that Adeyeye belongs believe that it is only by attacking the APC that it can find its relevance or gain the upper hand in the PDP’s internecine war.

“We need to remind Adeyeye’s group however that although Nigerians may have forgiven the PDP, two years after the Party ruined the country, but we have not forgotten.

“Nigerians have not forgotten that it was under the PDP-led administration that the terrorist group, Boko Haram seized a sizable portion of Nigeria’s territory, created a Caliphate and hoisted its own flags.

“It took the APC-led government of President Muhammadu Buhari to reclaim our territory and pride.

“Today, Boko Haram insurgents are virtually defeated and are on the run, and no millimetre of Nigerian territory is currently held by the insurgents. We have forgiven, but we have not forgotten.

“Under the PDP, a Party that does not consider corruption to be stealing, corruption enjoyed an unprecedented prosperity.

“Nigeria recorded some of the most unimaginable, shocking and astounding cases of corruption ever experienced in our history, or in the history of any country.

“Funds meant for the procurement of arms and ammunition required to fight the Boko Haram insurgency were stolen by agents of government and shared among themselves. It was a classic case of kleptocracy,” it said.

APC said that the PDP-led administration was sending soldiers to battle without weapons and sharing the money.

“Worse still, when soldiers protested the lack of weaponry, the PDP-led administration added wickedness to weakness and court-martialled them, sentencing some of them to death, and others to long terms of imprisonment.

“If Nigerians have graciousness to forgive the PDP for the wanton corruption, we will not forget.

“Nigerians also remember that it was under the nose and watchful eyes of the PDP that over 250 Nigerian girls were abducted.

“It took the Party more than a month to even make a statement! PDP went about bandying conspiracy theories while innocent Nigerian girls were being held in captivity.

“Again, it took the APC-led administration to rescue some of the girls, while efforts are ongoing to free the rest.

“Yet, PDP had the audacity to counter the globally acclaimed hashtag,#BringBackOurGirls with their terribly insensitive #BringBackJonathan. We are willing to forgive even this; but we cannot forget.

“Nigerians will not forget that under the PDP, over 20 Nigerian youths died and thousands were seriously injured while looking for jobs. the PDP-led administration organised a fraudulent Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment exercise and lured young people desperate for jobs to various stadiums across the country after extorting them.

“In the end, the exercise ended in tears, sorrows and blood. None of those who survived got the job and, worse still; the officials responsible for the calamity were protected by the PDP. We cannot forget.

“Nigerians remember that under the PDP, whistle-blowing was a crime. When a former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor exposed the stealing of $20billion from the national treasury, he was suspended and hounded out of the government. We have not forgotten.

“If we have not been talking about this plethora of PDP iniquities, it is not because we have forgotten. Instead, we have chosen to pick up the pieces of the PDP wreckage and move the country forward.

“This, we have endeavoured to do in the last two years since Nigerians unanimously rejected the PDP for their wanton profligacy and misrule.

“Nigerians are a forgiving people, and that is why a self-appointed spokesman of what is left of the PDP could have the effrontery to make the kind of statements attributed to Adeyeye. But Nigerians will not forget in a hurry, the years of the locust”.

[Daily Post]

REVEALED: How corruption caused Boko Haram uprise in Nigeria – Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said corruption led to the rise of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria.

He stated this at the OECD global forum in France on Thursday.

Osinbajo said there was no way one could ignore the link between corruption and insurgency.

“Besides, we have seen in Nigeria, in recent years, how corruption directly fueled the terrorist insurgency in the North-East. And how in turn that has led to one of gravest humanitarian disasters in the world.

“Also the adverse implications for education, healthcare, social services, infrastructure and indeed the quality of life no longer requires making a case .

“Corruption and illicit financial flows are different. But they really must be twinned. This is because for practical purposes it is an eminently more sensible approach to treat most of the sources of illicit financial flows as corrupt activity, within a broader use of the term,” he said.

[Daily Post]

Iwobi begs Alexis Sanchez – Please don’t leave Arsenal

Alex Iwobi has urged his Arsenal team-mates, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, not to leave Arsenal after this season.

The two players will have one year left on their deals this summer and have been linked with moves away from the Emirates.

Earlier this month, manager Arsene Wenger confirmed that their contract negotiations have been put on hold until the season ends.

Iwobi has now expressed his optimism that they will sign new deals with the London side.

“As you can see from stats, goals and chances they create they are key players in our team,” he told the BBC.

“Everything offensively almost goes through them. Even though we have other players they are world-class players.

“For the club it’d be great for them to stay, but at the end of the day it’s their decisions.”

[Daily Post]


Michel Platini: Sepp Blatter is the most selfish person I have seen in my life

Former UEFA president, Michel Platini, has labelled disgraced former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, as “the most selfish person”.

Platini left office in December 2015, when he was banned from football for an initial eight years by FIFA ethics committee, over a £1.3million payment made to him on the instruction of Blatter, who suffered the same fate.

Both men have had their bans reduced to six years, but Platini’s was later cut to four.

And regarding his former friend Blatter, Platini told French newspaper Le Monde: “In the end, he tried to save his own skin.

“Blatter does not defend anyone else, he never defended me. He’s the most selfish person I have seen in my life.”

Platini says their relationship collapsed during the May 2015’s FIFA presidential election.

“He always said I would be his last scalp,” he added.

“I know he was fixated on me, to the end, ever since the ‘enough is enough’ comment on May 28, 2015, even without considering the jealousy he had for the footballer I was.”

[Daily Post]

Abacha did not loot Nigeria’s money – Ishaya Bamaiyi

Former Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. General Ishaya Bamaiyi has insisted that his then principal, General Sani Abacha, did not loot Nigeria’s treasury.

Bamaiyi said the stories of Abacha’s loot was a creation of the Nigerian media.

He stated this while speaking at the launching of a tell-all memoir, which covers his military career, in Abuja on Thursday.

Bamaiyi explained that Abacha only kept the monies in places, where they could be easily accessed.

“I am not defending Abacha, I am not saying things did not go wrong,” Ishaya Bamaiyi noted, adding that “What I know is that we sat down and agreed that the monies should be kept in a place so that we can have access to them. I don’t know if something else happened after that period.”

Bamaiyi’s account of Abacha’s handling of Nigeria’s treasury during his regime, which lasted between November 17, 1993, and June 8, 1998, contradicts an estimate that shows Abacha channeled up to $2.2 billion from Central Bank of Nigeria into private accounts.

On March 8, 2016, Nigeria and Switzerland entered into an agreement, which will see the European nation return $321million stolen by the former military head of state.

[Daily Post]

Armed robbers lynched by mob in Lagos, burnt alive [Graphic Photos]

A Nigerian man, Sky Joe residing in Lagos has shared the story and photos of how suspected Armed robbers were burnt alive by an angry mob after they were caught.
Joe Sky wrote on the robbers being burnt alive:
“Ok, I posted Mercedes Benz and their ranges are the years passes bye just yesterday and begged my youths not to die for the new model for there will always be a new model.
Meanwhile these fellows disobeyed and decided to die for the maybe 2017 model while there will be a new model by next year so they st out for robbery, now they didn’t make it because the law did not catch up with them but their fellow barbarians in human nature caught up with them, They have been burnt to ashes now by some aspiring arm robbers who are lucky not have guns on them today.
Now these youths are gone all in the name of fast money while they could be handed over to the government to face the law, and maybe who knows they will learn their lessons and turn a new leave.
I am not supporting them for stealing but I am blaming this ones and you who sent in these pictures, why didn’t you alert the police with the time you spent taking pictures to upload for likes and comments.
Now what difference do you make of these lives wasted here? At the last day, ”If there be a last day” Everyone must surely answer to the call.
We are living in a country where barbarians wear cloths and lions have human face.
Once again Nigeria Ntooor.”

Notorious robbery duo terrorizing Lagos Island nabbed

Two Lagos Island youths, Olamilekan Kosoko, 21 and Tobi Quan, 28, who have been terrorizing Lagos Island residents have been arrested by the operatives of the Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad, FSARS, for alleged armed robbery.
According to the Police, the suspects on 5 November, 2016 invaded Aroloya Street in Isale-Eko, Lagos Island with Mascot and Lookman now at large, armed with guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons to rob residents of various houses and carted away their properties.
However, luck ran out on them when they returned to the area on 6 November, 2016. On sighting them, some residents sent a distress call to the DCP in charge of FSARS, Mr. Ibrahim Kaoge, for help.
The DCP dispatched a team led by Insp. Rotimi Ola to the scene to rescue the residents from the robbers.
On sighting the police, Mascot and Lookman, now at large, according to investigations reportedly opened fire on the police and in the ensuing gun battle, the two managed to escape while Kosoko and Quan were arrested and taken to the station.
During investigation, according to the police, Quan allegedly confessed to the crime that they have robbed residents of Ebute-Metta, Ajah and Lagos Island with guns and sold the stolen properties to their receiver, Zazi Mohammed Usman.
He led the police to arrest the receiver. Quan also allegedly told the police that Mascot and Lookman are the owners of the three guns and five cutlasses they used for the operation. All the suspects were arraigned before an Igbosere magistrate court, Lagos on a four count charges of armed robbery and receiving stolen properties.
Police prosecutor, Insp. Abraham Fadipe said the offences the accused persons committed are contrary to sections 5(b) and punishable under section 1(2)9(a) of the robbery special provision act CAP 393 and (a)(b) of the robbery and firearms special provision 1 act CAP xxi, laws of the Federation of Nigeria and sections 409, 326(1) of the criminal laws of Lagos State, 2011.
The plea of the accused persons was not taken and magistrate Mrs. A. T. Omoyele ordered that the accused persons be remanded in prison custody for DPP’s advice on the matter.
She adjourned the case until 16 April, 2017 for mention.

Nigerian students in India cry out – “Help us, our lives are in danger” [Photos]

Following continuous attacks on Nigerian living in New Delhi, India, some Nigerian students in that country have cried out that their lives are in danger just as the Nigerian High Commission there has not done anything to protect them

This call is coming on the heel of recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans living in the Asian country, India, following the death of a teenager identified as Manish Khari, who was found dead outside his house in NSG colony of Greater Noida.

The family members of the deceased alleged that five Nigerians had kidnapped him and drugged him, leading to his death.

Hindustan Times reports that the family members staged a protest on Saturday, March 25, 2017, at Kasna police station demanding that the suspects be arrested immediately.

The injured Nigerian students

Photo Credit: True Viber


On the evening of Monday, March 27, the family with the support from locals in the area, organized a candlelight march and when the crowd reached Pari Chowk in Greater Noida, few protestors attacked a car passing by with four African people.

That same Monday, four Nigerian students were reportedly mobbed by locals with some of them beaten with sticks and chairs till they became unconscious in the presence of security men who did not go to their aid.

Three Nigerian students, Endurance Amarawa, Ibgiya Malu Chukwuma and Precious Amalcima were seriously injured during the attack from the crowd.

With the seeming apathy of the Nigerian government and the reluctance of their High Commission to wade into the matter, the Nigerian students in the area have cried out that their lives are in danger.

One of such students shared details of the attack and what they are currently going through in the hands of the Indians:

“I am a student of Sharda University in Greater Noida, India. On Saturday, March 25th, 2017, an Indian teenager of class 12 was reported dead due to cardiac arrest caused by drug overdose.

An injured Nigerian student receiving treatment

Photo Credit: Indian Express

His parents began to suspect that his Nigerian friends were the people who supplied the drugs to him.

His family reported to the police officers about the current situation. The police later picked up the 5 Nigerian students for questioning.

After further investigations, no evidence was found to link the students to the incident, so they were released.

On Monday, 27th March 2017, in the evening, a Nigerian student from Benin went to Ansal plaza in Greater Noida, India, to purchase something. On getting there, he was attacked by over 200 Indians and was beaten seriously with all sorts of things.

And this happened in a mall! Was there no security? It was really BRUTAL! He was later rescued by the police and taken to the hospital.

Later that evening, a person from Eastern Nigeria (Igbo) was attacked in his car, by breaking of his car glass in order to penetrate and he was beaten seriously and injured.

Ever since this incident, the African Union of India has instructed all Africans to remain indoor till further notice.

1. We are unable to go to school for lectures.

2. We are unable to buy food stuff.

3. We have been indoors for the past 2 days with the fear of losing our lives. It’s totally unbearable. We are only hoping on GOD. Our lives are in danger.”

One of the injured Nigerian students

Photo Credit: India Today

The Indian police have, however, pleaded for calm, saying that five people have been arrested in connection with the attacks on the Nigerians.

A statement by the police reads:

‘Five people were picked up from the spot after the incident; besides that, we have registered FIR against 44 other people who we suspect were part of the group.

Further investigations are on, appropriate force is deployed in the area. All the four Nigeria nationals who are students at colleges in Noida are safe. FIR under section IPC 145, 148(rioting), 304, 332(causing hurt), 504, 307(attempt to murder) and 153A(causing hurt based on race) has been registered by the police.’

President of the Association of African Students in India, Samuel Jack has also condemned the attack in a press briefing by saying:

This is a hate crime on the African community in the country; locals in Greater Noida say that they do not want Africans in their country anymore.

Samuel Jack addressing a press conference

Photo Credit: China Daily

These are actually hate crimes towards African community. Africans are not secure in this country.”


Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Churchill – Domestic violence is against my tradition

Tonto Dikeh’s husband, Oladunni Churchill, has shared another one.

The businessman who keeps dropping the bomb one at a time says it’s against his tradition to beat women.

Tonto Dikeh's evidence of physical abuse.Tonto Dikeh’s evidence of physical abuse.(Instagram)


Churchill in a post shared on Instagram yesterday replied a followers question asking him if he indeed beat his wife.

On the post which reads, “Don’t compare your real life to someone else’s controlled online content,” a follower asked, “Do you beat women yes or no.”

Between Churchill and a fan (Instablog9ja)


He, however, replied, “against my tradition.

This comes closely after Tonto Dikeh apologised to fans for lying about being in a comfortable marriage.

The actress threw a subtle shade at her estranged husband calling him a psychopath.

Between Tonto Dikeh and a fan (Instablogja)

Then a fan accused her of abusing everybody for hyping the ‘so-called psychopath while married to him.

The actress had alleged in a separate interview that her husband subjected her to physical abuse providing evidence of this on her Instagram account.

This also comes after her estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill, released  evidence to refute many of his ex-wife’s claims.

The businessman’s brother, Tokunbo, in a recent interview, says he once witnessed Tonto Dikeh in “one of her moods”.

According to him, she slapped her husband and began to destroy things in their home.


Cossy Ojiakor set to publish revealing tell-all book

After several weeks of waiting, actress Cossy Ojiakor is set to release her tell-all book.

The busty star has been doing an exposé of sorts on her Instagram account, dropping hints of some of the scandals going on in the entertainment industry without calling names in a tell-all book.

Cossy Ojiakor (Instagram)

The exposé tagged #TheUngratefulDelilah, gave descriptions of those involved and followers have been speculating about the characters involved in the revelations.

According to Cossy, she’s done writing a book which will reveal the secret lives of actresses and how big men sponsor their lifestyle.

She took to Instagram today writing, “Hi sweets… Cossy commotions. Abi cossymotions….hahaha. I have finished the ungrateful Delilah story but it’s just 93pages.

I was hoping to make it a 120 page. #Cossyxcapade, A Tell It All Tale… I don’t know if I should stop or include my version of some weird stuff that happened to me some years back. like my version of the dog stuff.

Cossy OrjiakorCossy Orjiakor on the set of Kondo Games (Kondo Games)


The Enquire magazine Editor that once brought out his big dk for me to rub in his car… Hahaha, crazy stuff. Also

Fictitious names of people I suspect that started the hate game those years. Am super excited… So plz should I add or just print the 93pages Ungrateful Delilah story….     Bad bad shildren. Cool, I will make it 120 page. Using only 2real name in my book..

1. a lovely actress that stood by me during the scandal..

2. The defunct Enquirer editors real name with fat dk.

1 wish Mr fat dk will take me to court… So he can pay me the real damages sef.  My dreams will come through if he do hahaha.”

Apparently, Cossy started writing few weeks ago and is already done.


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