Nigerian students attacked by Greater Noida natives in India [Photos]

Some Nigerian students on Monday sustained severe injuries after a group of locals attacked them in Pari Chowk, Noida. The incident occurred at 6 PM when a group, comprising hundreds of locals, held a protest demanding all Africans living in Greater Noida region vacate their rented houses immediately.

The protest was triggered by the death of a class 12 student, who reportedly died of drug overdose, and five Nigerian students from the same neighbourhood were detained in connection with the case.

The locals also claimed that the boy was seen spending time with these Nigerian students and accused them of cannibalism.However, the Nigerian students were released owing to the lack of evidence.

Police have registered a case under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code in relation to the incident and arrested five people.

The locals had permission to protest, but suddenly, the situation spiralled out of control. Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj took cognisance of the matter and sought a report.

“I have asked for a report from Government of Uttar Pradesh about the reported attack on African students in Noida,” Sushma tweeted.

The Association of African Students in India claimed there had been multiple attacks on African students, and ten students so far had been targeted.

More photos below…


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Nigerians mock Dino Melaye over certificate scandal

By now, you all know the internet has no chill. And the on-going certificate scandal around Senator Dino Melaye’s graduation for ABU Zaria has become a butt of jokes on the internet. There’s a lot of distorted facts and unanswered questions. Twitter users are asking how it is possible for a man to graduate in 2000 but did NYSC in 1999. See tweets on the certificate scandal  after the cut..









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Satanic forces will overrun Nigeria if Buhari dies – Bishop Azogu

The General Overseer, Our Sanctuary Gospel Church, Bishop Udo Azogu has warned that if President Muhammadu Buhari dies, Satanic forces of darkness will overrun Nigeria.

Addressing his congregation during a church service in Lagos, Azogu urged Nigerians to continue to pray for the President to overcome his health challenges so as to defeat the dark satanic forces.

The clergyman insisted that Buhari’s Presidency was ordained from heaven.

According to Azogu, ‘‘God in the revelation warned that if Buhari dies, the forces of darkness with ‘black and white banner’ will overrun Nigeria.

‘‘God revealed that a satanic organization will try to take over the reins of government by force but, that the church should pray against it. The spiritual symbol of the satanic group is dragon.

‘‘God has equipped President Buhari to counter the evil forces. If Buhari dies, Nigeria will be in serious trouble.’’

Azogu appealed to the President to terminate the ongoing prosecution against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and work closely with the leadership of the National Assembly.

‘‘The ongoing prosecution of Saraki does not portray Nigeria in good light and does not reflect genuine fight against graft in the eyes of enlightened Nigerians.

‘‘Nigerians will benefit more when the Presidency and the leadership of the National Assembly work cooperatively together in a transparent manner to fix the economy,’’ the clergyman added.

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IPOB alleges: Buhari plotting to try Nnamdi Kanu under Sharia Law

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Monday alleged of plans to try their detained leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, under Sharia Law.

It descried such plan as an inhuman act, stating that adopting such measure amounted to continuing what it described as the ongoing crime against pro-Biafra groups in Nigeria.

The group further alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari had authorized the fresh trial.

In a statement made available to journalists by the group’s media and publicity secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful, IPOB lameneted that pro-Biafra groups were going through what the people of Biafra went through during the 1967 – 1970 civil war, that led to the destruction of the lives of many people, mainly Christians.

Describing the alleged move to try Kanu and others under Sharia Law, Powerful observed that, even in the predominantly Moslem part of Northern Nigeria, nobody had been tried secretly under Sharia Law since the creation of Nigeria by the British merchants in 1914 and wondered why Kanu and other Christians in the southern part of Nigeria should be exposed to such trial.

He expressed disappointment at the silence of the United Nations and world leaders over the matter concerning the IPOB leader, despite the fact that the United Nations had in its charter, a provision for the right of indigenous people to self determination.

The IPOB spokesman said, “It was unfair for Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court, Abuja to derail from the Nigerian regular judicial process under common law, to Sharia process considered to be a religious law and not permissible in a supposed secular state like Nigeria because Nnamdi Kanu was involved.

“The world must be wary of President Muhammadu Buhari’s introduction of Sharia law in the ongoing trial against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra through Justice Binta Nyako. It is dangerous for the law court, which is supposed to douse tension in the country to introduce religious war.

“We, Biafrans and IPOB members worldwide, have waited enough and are still waiting for justice to prevail with the ongoing trial of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and others detained illegally and we have shown the whole world how peaceful, civilized and determined we are towards the restoration and independent state of Biafra.

“We have called for referendum and peaceful separation, but we have found out that it will only bring us more harm and pain because the United Nations and other world powers have failed to stop the arrest and killing of unarmed peaceful Biafra agitators.”

He added: “Are they keeping quiet until we take up arms? We don’t see the need to take up arms because it is not a must that Biafra restoration will go into war for the second time before we get our freedom.

“But if the UN and other world bodies allow us to go into war for the second time before we achieve our independence, it will be a war of revenge and bitterness.

“Therefore, all efforts must be made by UN and other people of good conscience around the globe to ensure that Nigeria does not go to another war like that of 1967 to 1970, in the interest of humanity.

“Trying our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and others detained illegally, under Sharia law is unacceptable to Biafrans, Christians and IPOB members worldwide. The proposed secret trial will not be allowed to hold against our leader and others.

“Justice Binta Nyako does not know what she is about to start and she should be called to order by the National Judicial Commission (NJC). Our stand is that Nnamdi Kanu should be tried in public since he was accused openly.”

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Please reveal your true health status – Wole Soyinka tells Buhari

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has called on Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, 74, to reveal the condition of his health after spending nearly two months in Britain on medical leave.

Soyinka, who spoke in an interview with AFP at Paris Book Fair weekend, also said indigenous people had a right to assert themselves as a distinct people, even within a political and geographical zone anywhere in the world. “He’s ill, there’s no question, and I wish for heaven’s sake that people in public positions would just be honest. “Illness is part of our existence.

Buhari owes it to the nation and I don’t know why he and his advisors are being so coy about it,” Soyinka said. Soyinka, who also noted that US President, Donald Trump, exploited “latent xenophobia” to reach the White House, said a people had a right to agitate for self-autonomy within a geographical expression.

He was obviously reacting to the agitation for declaration of independent state of Biafra in the South East of Nigeria. He said: “It’s not the real estate for me that defines a nation or a people, no, it’s a history, a culture. What is a crime within an artificial entity like Nigeria? You have states being created which are not viable.”

Biafra unsuccessfully fought for independence in a brutal three-year civil war — during which Soyinka was imprisoned for nearly two years over allegations of espionage. Separatist sentiment has grown since the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, was arrested in October 2015, sparking bloody clashes with security forces.

The military denied an allegation by Amnesty International in November that security agents killed some 150 Biafra protesters in the past year. Soyinka said: “I cannot accept the notion that people have a right to kill other people because they want to assert their identity… It it doesn’t cost anything to recognise it.”

Ironically, IPOB threw its support behind Trump’s presidential campaign in the belief he would recognise their independence movement. Soon after Britons voted to leave the European Union in a referendum last July, the group pushed for its own version of “Brexit” from Nigeria that it dubbed “Biafrexit”. He said President Donald Trump, exploited “latent xenophobia” to reach the White House, decrying the erection of walls, especially in people’s minds, anywhere in the world.

He said: “He played to a latent xenophobic streak which exists in all societies including mine,” said Soyinka, who renounced his US green card upon Trump’s victory in November over the Republican’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. When I see that kind of conduct… to gain power, I’m completely revolted.”

Wole Soyinka, who was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1986, said further: “To me a horrible moment was to watch hundreds of thousands of people actually applauding when (Trump) uttered these sentiments” during the election campaign. “I’m against the erection of walls, especially in people’s minds,” the white-haired professor added. I’ve never made any bones about it, whether it’s happening in Nigeria” or elsewhere.”

Soyinka recalled when in 1983, faced with a steep drop in oil prices, the Nigerian government, “to cover up all its problems, decided to expel aliens”.

Some two million undocumented immigrants — mainly from nearby Ghana — were given a few weeks to leave the west African country, whose economy is driven by vast oil resources.

“There were hordes of refugees in ramshackle lorries going back to their home countries. Ever since, the chequered jute bag used by travellers throughout west Africa has been known as the “Ghana Must Go bag,” Wole Soyinka said.

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Obasanjo reveals – Things I did while in prison

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on Sunday narrated his prison experience. Obasanjo declared that he did three things while he was in Yola and Kirikiri prisons serving a jail term for a phantom coup charges by the late military dictator, Sani Abacha.

The ex-President noted that there should be no position that a man should find himself in life where he should not be useful to God.

According Obasanjo, the major challenge in life was not how to stay alive but “what to live for and what to live with.”

Obasanjo spoke at Shephered Baptist Church, Obanikoro, Lagos during the Thanksgiving for his 80th birthday, organised by the church.

Obasanjo recalled his experience as an inmate in Yola Prison where he said he met a hardened armed robber and serial murderer, Baba Ali, who he (Obasanjo) preached to and later sent to the Bible school and who has today become a pastor over a Baptist Church.

The programme was tagged “Special Commemorative, Commendation and Congratulatory Birthday Service.”

Obasanjo said he did three remarkable things, which were that he built a church while in prison; started a farm, converted Baba Ali to a Christian and served as prison pastor.

He said, “There ’s a difference between joy and happiness. In prison, I had joy but it will be madness for me to say that when I was in prison I was happy.

“How can you be in prison and say you are happy ? But I was having the joy of God with me, not for one day was I sad.

“And I am grateful to God for the experience that I had in the prison.

“I will mention three things that God made me to do when I was in Yola Prison.

“One, God made me to build a church. It’s very unusual, I asked the:authorities for land, they were reluctant, eventually they gave me land and immediately, we started getting donations.

“It was started before I left Yola. Wherever you are, you can still be useful to the work of God.

“Secondly , there was a parcel of land, which was not being used for anything so, I told the prison authorities that I wanted to farm.

“They were reluctant but eventually they granted me the permission to farm and I grew enough beans to feed all the inmates and the warders.

“Don’t remain idle, get something doing.”

Obasanjo said the third thing he did was at Kirikiri Prison in Lagos where he became the prison pastor.

He said he took over as prison pastor because the prison authorities stopped preachers from visiting after white garments preachers who came to preach had helped some inmates to escape by dressing them in white garments.

He said, “They made sure we did not receive anybody from outside to come and preach to us or fellowship with us.

“So, I took over as the prison pastor. And there was a boy whom they had introduced to me his nickname was Baba Ali.

“Baba Ali was the head of the armed robbers in the North. And if you were an armed robber and you came to the prison, you must first of all go and pay homage to Baba Ali.

“If you were going out, you must go to Baba Ali and ask him for instruction on what you had to do next.

“So, I called Baba Ali one day and said, ‘You are not coming to fellowship; I want you to be coming to the fellowship.’ He said, ‘ Baba , don ’t worry me; don’ t worry me at all because God can never forgive me . I have killed so many people in my life ; I have drunk the blood of so many people; I have eaten the flesh of so many people and God will never forgive me, so, don’ t waste your time about me. ’

“I left Baba Ali on that occasion, and I waited for some time before I went back and said, ‘ Baba Ali, you know all you said that you are a murderer, whether you killed only one person or a:thousand people, you are a murderer; but have you forgotten that Moses was a murderer but God used him to bring the people of Israel out of Egypt?

“David was a murderer but God called him a man after my heart.
“By the time I was leaving the prison, I told Baba Ali that if he was able to make it and he would like to go to bible school, I would send him to bible school.

“Baba Ali came out of prison two years after me. By the time he came out I had become the President of Nigeria.

“It took him two years to get through to me, when he got to me, I reminded him of our agreement and he said he was ready to go to the Bible school.

“So, I sent him to the seminary. Baba Ali spent two years in the seminary, today Baba Ali is the pastor of a Baptist Church. What is more?

“Baba Ali’s junior brother took after him and has also become a pastor.”

[Daily Post]

Why Nigeria are future of African football – Senegal coach, Alliou Cisse

Head coach of Senegal, Alliou Cisse, has said that the current crop of Super Eagles players are the future of African football.

Alliou Cisse also hailed the quality of young players fielded by coach Gernot Rohr, in their 1-1 draw in an international friendly on Thursday at The Hive Stadium in London.

The former Teranga Lions captain, said Nigeria has always had talented footballers and this current team is on course to become one of the best.

“Nigeria is a good team. Nigeria is a football country with many very good players. That has always been the case, with Jay-Jay Okocha, and so on, ” Cisse said told

“We respect this team. They did not qualify for the last Africa Cup of Nations but it is a good team that has a future.

“Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Algeria, are the future of African football,” he reiterated.

The Super Eagles are still 41st in the world, according to the latest FIFA rankings released two weeks ago.

Nigeria had finished February in the same position and played no games between the last rankings and the current one.

The Eagles also retain their seventh place in Africa, behind Egypt, Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Tunisia and Congo DR.

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#BBNaija Update: Viewers blame TBoss for Bassey’s eviction

Viewers are blaming Tboss for Bassey’s eviction from the Big Brother Naija show.

On Sunday, Bassey became the eighth contestant to leave the house.

He was one of four housemates nominated for eviction on Monday.

The others were Bally, Debbie Rise and Tboss.

Host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu described it as “the ultimate survival week” for the tough.

Bassey’s eviction stirred up social media, with many claiming that he should have learnt his lesson, before deciding to enjoy his Arena Game victory reward with her.

The theory is that all the housemates who have gotten close to Tboss before, have ended up being booted out of the reality show.

Some of the tweets by viewers below:

#BBNaija @BBNaijaUpdates: Once you get close to Tboss… You go home…
We told you!!! You thought we were joking…#BBNaija #BBNaijaUpdates

Chidi Okereke @Chydee: ???? Bassey evicted???? Howwww???? I’m beginning to believe the foul-play gist I’ve been hearing about the #BBNaija organizers and TBoss 😊

AURACOOL @TWEETORACLE: I knew this was the END of the road for BASSEY. He got it coming……Anyone that gets close to her gets evicted #BBNAIJA

samuel and 86 others @kingx_samz:#bbnaija no Tboss fan should cme here nd say Tboss is nt a witch. She is a witch. The curse is real guys😪

Ngonidzashe R Gondo @ngoni_gondo:#BBNaija I gotta say T-Boss is an expert assassin.Bassey down Let’s see who’s next#bbnaija

Amara Nwankpa ✔ @Nwankpa_A: Wait, a friend just said “anybody that goes close to TBoss gets evicted. Bassey chose her to enjoy his treat with him”
Hmmm… 😂

Big Fish Gee @GbemmyG: LMFAO they will blame Tboss for Bassey. He slept on her bed and they bathed together. 😭😅😂😂😂😂

Isie @TheVixenPixie: You can’t tell me TBoss had higher votes than Bassey. This@BBNaija people Don begin they use Naija sense. We DONT want this TBoss#BBNaija

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Why Nigeria cannot progress – Ben Bruce [Video]

n this two-minute video, Sen. Ben Bruce, the common sense senator explains why Nigeria cannot progress. He cites the example of Nigerian Airways having 17 planes in 1985 while Emirates airline had only 3, fast forward to 2017 Emirates now owns 256 planes while Nigerian airways is dead.Watch the video below…

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Alex Iwobi – I can convince Arsenal to sign Iheanacho

Alex Iwobi believes he can influence a transfer move for Manchester City’s Kelechi Iheanacho to the North London club.

Alex Iwobi feels the Gunners can cash in on the ‘funniest guy he knows’ but doesn’t see it happening in the coming months.

Alex Iwobi

The 20-year-old hailed his companion with the City forward and disclosed why he would love to see him in Arsenal’s traditional red and white jersey.

‘I tell you, you should see us [him and Iheanacho] on Snapchat! Always bantering,” Iwobi said.

“We’re roommates right now and he’s just the funniest guy I know.

‘We do get on well off the pitch as well as on the pitch.

“Maybe I can try to convince Arsenal to sign him – but I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Iwobi amazed everyone when a video of him speaking fluent Pidgin English was posted on Twitter by teammate Ogenyi Onazi.

And reacting to how he has learned to speak the prevalent language in the Super Eagles’ camp, he said: “Everyone could speak English, I’d get along fine, but they’d all say, “come on, you need to learn your language”. So yeah, I’ve learned a bit, which helps.

‘’When I first went I felt like I’m an alien! I know they used to take the mick out of me, and I didn’t know what they were saying. But now I can understand!”


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