Cossy Ojiakor set to publish revealing tell-all book

Cossy Ojiakor set to publish revealing tell-all book

After several weeks of waiting, actress Cossy Ojiakor is set to release her tell-all book.

The busty star has been doing an exposé of sorts on her Instagram account, dropping hints of some of the scandals going on in the entertainment industry without calling names in a tell-all book.

Cossy Ojiakor (Instagram)

The exposé tagged #TheUngratefulDelilah, gave descriptions of those involved and followers have been speculating about the characters involved in the revelations.

According to Cossy, she’s done writing a book which will reveal the secret lives of actresses and how big men sponsor their lifestyle.

She took to Instagram today writing, “Hi sweets… Cossy commotions. Abi cossymotions….hahaha. I have finished the ungrateful Delilah story but it’s just 93pages.

I was hoping to make it a 120 page. #Cossyxcapade, A Tell It All Tale… I don’t know if I should stop or include my version of some weird stuff that happened to me some years back. like my version of the dog stuff.

Cossy OrjiakorCossy Orjiakor on the set of Kondo Games (Kondo Games)


The Enquire magazine Editor that once brought out his big dk for me to rub in his car… Hahaha, crazy stuff. Also

Fictitious names of people I suspect that started the hate game those years. Am super excited… So plz should I add or just print the 93pages Ungrateful Delilah story….     Bad bad shildren. Cool, I will make it 120 page. Using only 2real name in my book..

1. a lovely actress that stood by me during the scandal..

2. The defunct Enquirer editors real name with fat dk.

1 wish Mr fat dk will take me to court… So he can pay me the real damages sef.  My dreams will come through if he do hahaha.”

Apparently, Cossy started writing few weeks ago and is already done.




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