Notorious burglar mercilessly beaten & buried alive [Video]

burglar mercilessly beaten & buried alive

A serial burglar who had been terrorizing the people in Dwarsloop village in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga of South Africa, was taught a lesson he would never forgive in his life after he was caught by residents after another of his stealing spree.

According to Times Live, after beating the suspected burglar for several minutes, the angry mob forced him to dig his own grave where he was buried up to his chest level while they continued to beat him.

The strange jungle justice which was captured on video, showed the crowd descending on the suspect who was described as a very notorious who had broken into many homes in the area and even after he was caught and beaten up several times in the past, would not stop stealing.

But after he was caught this time, the residents decided to teach him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.

According to the person who recorded the scene,  Tumelo Dibakwane, after he was half buried in his grave, the crowd wanted to set the thief on fire but he was lucky as the police arrived just in time just as the crowd had got the petrol and was set to set him ablaze.

“Someone was suggesting they put petrol on him and burn him. If the police were late by five minutes‚ they had the petrol‚ someone managed to get petrol. The garage was just a few meters away‚” Dibakwane was quoted as saying.

According to Mpumalanga SAPS spokesman Sergeant Gerald Sedibe, the man is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

“The police condemn such behaviour where people take the law into their own hands. We urge people to follow the right procedure should they suspect someone of being involved in criminal activity,” Sgt. Sedibe said.




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