Man gets stuck inside married woman during sex [Video]

It was a show of shame and public disgrace in a Kenyan region after a man got stuck inside a married woman during sex inside a hotel called Explor-Inn.


The Nairobi Daily reports that the married woman and her secret lover had gone to a hotel to have sex but after the tryst, the man could not withdraw his manhood from the woman’s private part and after trying for a long time, they had to cry out and call the attention of the hotel staff. They hence had to be dragged into public – the sins of a married woman and her lover (not husband)

When the hotel staff broke into the room, they too could not help the pair and had to call in outside help which further exposed them to public ridicule as many people gathered to watch the show of shame.

The crowd that gathered brought out the couple into the street and placed them on a cart pushed along the street to a native doctor’s shrine where they could be separated.

According to witnesses, the husband of the woman must have placed a potent juju called ‘Magun’ (an African charm which is applied to punish adulterers) to check her infidelity.

Watch the video here.


Unbelievable! ‘Dead Man’ found at bar drinking beer on day of his burial [Photos]

Drama took place in a village in Awendo, Migori, Kenya, after a man who was thought dead was found alive drinking beer.
According to Daily Nation, residents were shocked on Saturday, March 25, when the man believed to have died and whose burial plans were already underway, was found in a bar in Rongo, another town.
Wilson Oluoch, a commercial motorcyclist in Migori county, went missing from his home for days, prompting his family to believe he was dead when a decomposing body was found in a sugarcane plantation in Awendo.
The grave dug for Wilson
The body was believed to be that of Wilson because it and the family took the body and kept it in a morgue in Migori and embarked on burial preparations.
They dug the grave, prepared meals according to the Luo culture and everything was ready when a message was delivered, saying that someone who looked like their son had been seen in Rongo.
The family visited the area and to their shock, Oluoch was in a bar, drinking beer.
According to him, he was ashamed when he returned home drunk and caused havoc, so he left to try another life elsewhere.
Wilson’s parents
His parents who spoke to the media expressed their joy on realizing their son was still alive.
Back home, mourning turned into feasting as villagers flocked their home to celebrate Oluoch, they ate and danced.
It was learnt that plans are underway to refill the grave and return the unidentified body to the morgue.
Meanwhile, the family has contacted the Luo council of elders to carry out cleansing rituals before Oluoch is allowed into the compound.

Wild drama as UNILAG student slumps to death after night out on campus

A report has shown that serious tragedy has stuck at the Moremi Hall of the University of Lagos after a Chemistry Education student, identified simply as Tope, slumped and died at the institution’s medical centre after a night out on campus.
Sources in UNILAG said the student, who was squatting in the hostel, died shortly after returning to campus from an outing with a man.
They added that Tope could have been saved if she was promptly attended to at the centre.
One of them said, “Tope was squatting here. She went to a club and returned around midnight on Thursday. It was not long afterwards that she started gasping. We rushed her to the UNILAG Medical Centre, but they blamed the student who allowed her to squat in her room. Tope eventually died, while the other student is being threatened with eviction.’’
However, the management of the university said no student died at the centre. A statement from the school’s Deputy Registrar, Information Unit, Mr. Toyin Adebule, said Tope died before she was brought to the centre.
“I wish to state that the incident did not happen at the centre. Also, there is no report from the hall to the Dean of Students Affairs on the incident. Therefore, no student has been ejected from the hall,” the statement read in part.

Shocking! Commotion erupts in Lagos as woman transforms into bird [Photos]

There was serious drama in Lagos recently after a woman allegedly transformed into a bird. The woman said to be a witch was arrested by a higher power after reportedly transforming into the animal.
According to Stephen Ihesiaba, the Overseer at The Lord’s Army Ministry in Lagos who shared the photos, the incident attracted the attention of a large crowd who came to catch a glimpse of the woman who transformed.
“May Almighty God continue to disgrace your enemy. Any evil man or woman transforming to any kind of animal or bird flying against you Shall be disgraced openly in JESUS CHRIST NAME……….” Ihesiaba added.

Unbelievable! “I have anal sex with snakes everyday” – Prophet

A Zimbabwean self-professed prophet, Pachawa Kwanamba, has confessed of his involvement in sex sessions with snakes.

The 40-year-old told Zim News that he was helpless over the situation which started after he had sex with one Sheila Taibu, a member of a popular cult in Zimbabwe.

He said, “I now physically engage in anal sex with snakes. The mysterious snake is in the habit of penetrating me from my behind every day.

“Sometimes I feel it is much better for me to die than to continue to live the life that I am living.

“Mysterious things have been happening to me ever since the day I had sex with Sheila and I now regret the decision I made of indulging in sex with her.

“Whenever I explain my situation to people some think I am insane and others would cut communication ties with me.

“I helplessly find myself being a victim of anal sex every day; the snake only comes whilst I am about to sleep and enters me from behind.

“This does not happen spiritually but the snake comes in its physical state and I even have scars on my behind to prove what I am saying.

“I have since lost my prophetic powers as a result of being intimate with the woman.

“When I reflect at what is happening in my life, I am reminded of the biblical Samson who lost all his powers after sleeping with Delilah.

“The trauma is tormenting,” he added.

Shocking! Muslim cleric stones three-year-old boy to death in Lagos

The police in Lagos have arrested a certain Muslim cleric, Kazeem Alimson, popularly known as Alfa, for allegedly killing a three-year-old boy, Chiagozie Okereke at the White Sand area of Isheri-Oshun, Ejigbo, Lagos.

A 15-year-old boy, Simon Kanu, confessed that he was paid N500 by the said Muslim cleric, Alimson to lure the baby to the cleric.

Simon said the baby was killed with a heavy stone in his presence.

Speaking with newsmen, the deceased’s mother explained that her baby went missing around on Tuesday after she brought him out for his evening bath.

She said, “When I finished bathing the younger one, I went inside to get the wrapper to strap him in order to enable me bath the other child. But on getting outside, I didn’t see my baby again. The sister said he went into my neighbour’s house but I didn’t see him there and when I asked, they said he went out with Simon.

“I called my son’s name but there was no response. Later, we saw Simon that night, I asked him about the whereabouts of my son, he said he did not see him.

“Simon took my son, strangled him with his shirt and stoned him to death. He is my third child. I feel hurt. My heart is broken. I need justice.”

It was gathered that the Isheri Osun Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Emeodi Camilus, who got a tip-off, rushed to the scene and arrested the two suspects.

During interrogation, Simon, a primary six pupil revealed that the Alfa took him and the child to an uncompleted building where the boy was stoned to death.

“I went to site and I saw how he killed Chigozie,” he said.

Speaking further, Simon said, “He tied him up and was making incantation before hitting him with a stone three times. He said he would kill me if I told anybody. He also showed me his juju knife and that he would use it to kill me if I told anyone.”

But the cleric, however, denied the allegation, claiming that he is not a ritualist.

His words, “I was in my house sleeping when I heard people shouting. When I came out, I saw some policemen and when I asked, I was told that they saw a dead child.

“I went back inside, and 30 minutes later, the police came back and arrested me. I don’t know the boy and I have never spoken to him.”

At this point, the teenager cut in and said, “You are lying. He was giving me sign with his eyes not to talk. I saw you when you were using the stone to hit him until he died.”

The Divisional Police Officer of Isheri Osun revealed that the boy’s lifeless body was discovered in the suspect’s house after a search was conducted.

He said the suspect would soon be charged to court when investigation was concluded.

[Daily Post]

Shocking! Wife kills husband with High Heels Shoe

A 32-year-old Zambian woman of Kampongwe area in Kapiri Mposhi district of Central Province has been arrested for allegedly murdering her husband with her High Heels Shoe.
According to Lusaka Times, Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo, revealed that the deceased who has been identified as Oliva Kalangwe aged 34 was initially assaulted by his wife on 26th February, 2017 at about 20:00 hours and that he reported the matter to police.
She has said that the wife is reported to have used a pointed high heeled shoe to hit the victim who sustained deep injuries in the head and fore head.
Katongo further said that the deceased was issued with a Police medical report form but he did not get back to police.
“His condition later became serious on 1st March, 2017 at 19:00 hours and relatives rushed him to hospital in Kapiri mposhi where he was hospitalised,” Katongo has said. “He later died on 09th March, 2017 at 20:00 hours.”
She says police this morning received information from concerned members of the public that some family members were intending to conceal the death of the victim as they were making arrangement to bury the corpse today.
“This was when officers went to the area and arrested the suspect identified as Ines Malata who is currently detained in police custody,” she says.
The exact reason why the woman carried out the attack on her husband is still clear but neighbours claimed they heard the couple arguing bitterly in their home on the night of the incident.
Investigations have begun.

Shocking! Popular native doctor dies on top of prostitute during sex romp in Imo brothel

There was wild drama in Anara, a satellite town in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State on Thursday, when a popular native doctor in the area reportedly died on top of a commercial s*x worker in the town, Punch reports.
According to eyewitnesses, the native doctor, who was identified as Lambert Osigwe, died while having s*x with a prostitute whose name was given as Onyinye Nwosu in a local brothel in Anara main market.
Eyewitnesses recounted that the victim was a regular customer of the harlot who had allegedly offered to give him free s*x that day when he said he had no money.
An eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said, “Onyinye Nwosu is a whore who plies her trade in a local brothel in Anara, Isiala Mbano LGA and one Mr. Lambert was one of her good customers whose patronage kept her in the business.
“Most times and for unknown reasons, he came to buy used condoms with sperm from the prostitutes and at the same time, patronised his regular customer, Onyinye. On this fateful day, he just came for nothing because according to him, he had no money.
“But Onyinye still offered him free s*x service. The man started the enjoyment but could not finish as he suddenly started shaking and jerking, and eventually died on top of the harlot.”
He explained that the brothel management held the prostitute to explain what happened as she was accused of using charms on the unfortunate Lambart. They quickly called the Divisional Police Officer, Anara, who came with a team of police officers and detained her in their outpost cell. They later removed the corpse and deposited it at St. Kizito Mortuary, Amaraku in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo State.
It was learnt that Osigwe hailed from Umuezeala-Ama in the Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of the state and had his dreaded shrine situated in his ancestral home, where people trooped in to consult him for mystical solutions .
It was discovered that the death of the man had sent shock wave into the spines of the people doing business within and around the area and out of fear, all the commercial s*x workers had fled the area.
Reports revealed that the deceased’s major customers were Internet fraudsters, popularly known as ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys, who reportedly used his charms to get at their targets.

Shocking! Barca fan slumps to death out of excitement in Adamawa after historic win over PSG

A Barca fan slumped and died while celebrating a record come back by his team in a Champions League game on Wednesday.

It was gathered that the incident occurred while Tari Waha,45-year-oldold shop owner, was watching the match at a viewing centre along side other soccer fans in Upper Luggere in Yola metropolis.

Barcelona scored 6-1 to defeat PSG at Camp Nou on 6-5 aggregate after losing 4-0 in France in the first leg.

Tari had loudly celebrated each time his team scored as they cancelled goals earlier conceded in France.

But as the Catalans scored the fifth goal, Tari shouted in celebration before slumping to death.

A friend to the deceased who identified himself as Zakaria told newsmen that football viewers rushed Tari to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Unbelievable! Woman gives birth inside commercial bus in Lagos

A woman has given birth to baby girl inside a commercial bus at Sabo area of Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos, on Tuesday, sparking jubilation in the area.
According to sources, the woman, who reportedly boarded the commercial bus on Tuesday afternoon at Ijede, could not alight at the Sabo Bus Stop, as other passengers did, making the bus driver and his conductor suspicious.
An eyewitness said in the usual manner in Lagos, the conductor started yelling at the woman to get down from the bus, but she could not utter a word as she had fallen into labour.
It was said that the conductor, seeing that the woman was in labour, raised the alarm. But those around took to their heels, thinking a fight had started between the conductor and miscreants.
The eyewitness added that when the shout for help persisted, some officials of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, and other sympathisers moved closer, only to discover that the woman was in labour.
They rendered necessary assistance and the woman delivered a baby girl few minutes after. Both the woman and her newborn were taken to the Health Centre, Ita-Elewa for medical attention, while her personal effects were kept in the custody of one of the sympathisers.
Fortunately for the woman, one of the good Samaritans was able to identify her and a message was sent to her husband, who also rushed to the scene.
LASTMA officials and other sympathizers, who visited the health centre to catch a glimpse of the baby, were to said to have provided the items used for the deliveries.
A volunteer Traffic Mayor, popularly called Baba Isale Eko, who was also at the scene, said the delivery was easier compared with that of some women.

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