REVEALED: How corruption caused Boko Haram uprise in Nigeria – Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said corruption led to the rise of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria.

He stated this at the OECD global forum in France on Thursday.

Osinbajo said there was no way one could ignore the link between corruption and insurgency.

“Besides, we have seen in Nigeria, in recent years, how corruption directly fueled the terrorist insurgency in the North-East. And how in turn that has led to one of gravest humanitarian disasters in the world.

“Also the adverse implications for education, healthcare, social services, infrastructure and indeed the quality of life no longer requires making a case .

“Corruption and illicit financial flows are different. But they really must be twinned. This is because for practical purposes it is an eminently more sensible approach to treat most of the sources of illicit financial flows as corrupt activity, within a broader use of the term,” he said.

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Buhari has never been corrupt – Presidency

The Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie has stressed that Buhari has never been involved in corrupt acts to enrich himself.

Onochie stated this in reaction to concerns by some Nigerians over the recent order by the President that the second tranche of the Paris club refund be released to state governors.

The Presidential aide explained that the directive was aimed at alleviating the sufferings of Nigerian workers.

Onochie, who took to her Facebook page stressed that the President was not a businessman and had always depended on his salary.

She wrote: ”Our President Muhammadu Buhari is not a businessman. He has never been involved in doing business.

”He has never been involved in sharp corrupt practices to unfairly line his pockets, all his life.

”He has always worked in areas where he earned salaries. That’s how he managed his family finances. Salaries.

”So he can never understand how families are expected to survive this harsh economic realities when they go month by month, without their salaries.

“President Buhari has run out of patience with Governors who are owing salaries and has ordered CBN, Finance Ministry to release the Paris Club refunds to states immediately.”

She, however, urged Nigerians in states where salaries are owed to rise and speak out against such action.

“Nigerians in the states where salaries are owed, must become active citizens by insisting that their salaries be paid.

“They must camp in front of the government houses, peacefully till their salaries are fully paid.

“Enough of this taking Nigerians for a ride. Let’s stop making excuses for those who are standing on our heads,” she added.

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FIFA blocks $1.5m grant to NFF over ‘traces of corruption’

The World’s football governing body, FIFA, has blocked a $1.5million grant to the Nigerian Football Federation over ‘traces of corruption’.

According to AfricanFootball, FIFA has also issued the NFF a final warning “to straighten their financial records”.

Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, had expressed his anger after FIFA sent a query on how NFF used grants they received.

The letter from the world football governing body was signed from the office in charge of the national associations.

FIFA member-associations including Nigeria, began to receive increased annual grants under new president, Gianni Infantino.

Initially, they were paid $250,000 annually, before it was increased to between $1.2million and $1.5million to each FA.

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Impeach corrupt Fayose now – Group orders National Assembly

The Coalition for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption, an anti-corruption group, has urged the National assembly to impeach ‘corrupt’ Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose.

The group claimed that Fayose had no regard for the office he was occupying.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja, National Secretary of the coalition, Comrade Audu Joseph said it had become necessary to impeach the governor over several allegations of corruption and criminal conducts surrounding him.

Joseph said failure to impeach Fayose within or after 14 days will draw mass protest from Nigerians.

According to him, the coalition has the mandate of 34 Civil Society organizations that are on standby to mobilize not just their members but also Nigerians from all walks of life if the government continues to pander to Fayose’s antics as opposed to heeding the calls by Nigerians.

He said, “There is proof that the Ekiti State House of Assembly can no longer perform its functions and the National Assembly should consider taking over those functions to ensure that the needful is done.”

He said, “To the National Assembly, we demand that a declaration of the doctrine of necessity to waive Fayose’s immunity is non-negotiable at this point such that people enjoying immunity can be allowed to answer to criminal charges like the current situation where security funds were embezzled and millions of Nigerians including the armed forces had to pay the supreme price.

“In the last quarter of 2016, details emerged of how N4.7 billion naira being part of the stolen $2.1 billion meant for arms purchase found its way into Ayo Fayose’s bank account after the money was ferried across the country in a private jet and bullion vans, according to Obanikoro’s testimony after he turned himself in to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).‎

“Just a few days ago, on December 29, 2016 another audio surfaced of Fayose with his partner in crime, Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, in which both men discussed without remorse, about how they compromised the December 10 legislative election re-run in Rivers state.‎

“Not once did either of them acknowledge the magnitude of the crime committed, which included the murder of some policemen in addition to the now habitual sabotaging of the wishes of the electorates.”

[Source: Daily Post]

Buhari laments; ‘Corrupt Nigerians are at war against my administration’ – PDP counters

President Buhari has lamented that Corrupt Nigerians are indirectly fighting a war against the forces of his current administration – but it would seem that PDP differs.

He said the situation had made his administration’s ongoing anti-corruption war “tough and gruelling.”

Buhari said corrupt people had accumulated a formidable arsenal of illicit wealth, which they were deploying against the government on diverse fronts.

“But it is a war we are determined to win, and which we will win. People of goodwill are behind us, countries like America and many others are with us, and we will surely win,” he said.

The President updated Kerry on the war against insurgency in the North-East of Nigeria and efforts being made to tackle humanitarian problems caused by the insurgency.

He informed him that a presidential committee had been launched “under Gen. T.Y. Danjuma, a man of high integrity.”

On the unrest in the Niger Delta area, which manifests in the sabotage of critical oil and power installations, the President said the engagement process was proceeding apace.

He however admitted that it was difficult to bring the main protagonists of the insurgency under one umbrella for dialogue.

The President said Nigeria was happy with American support on different fronts, assuring Kerry that the economic challenges facing the country were being “frontally tackled, and we will overcome them soon.”

Kerry reportedly expressed delight at the many successes of the Buhari administration, pledging continued US support in the bid to overcome security, humanitarian, political, and economic challenges.

As the Barrack Obama administration exits next January, Kerry said he would love to continue engaging with Nigeria, even in a private capacity.

He described Buhari as a strong international partner in the battle against violent extremism.

However, two members of the Board of Trustees, Peoples Democratic Party, Chiefs Ebenezer Babatope and Shuaib Oyedokun, have said that the Federal Government’s anti-corruption cannot succeed.

Speaking in separate telephone interviews on Thursday, Babatope and Oyedokun described Buhari’s anti-corruption war as selective and vindictive.

Oyedokun said, “If the President, who is fighting corruption, suddenly discovers that people who have stolen are using the proceeds of corruption to fight him, I think it is an admission of failure. Corruption cannot be fought with corruption.

“The President must be able to fish out those fighting him with corruption and ensure they are tried. There are allegations of corruption among those that surround the President and his party members.

“He (Buhari) won’t succeed because he is using corruption to fight corruption. When someone loses a horse and he unknowingly tells the person that stole the horse to help him find the horse, would the owner ever find the horse?”

Babatope, a former minister of transportation, accused Buhari of keeping silent on the allegations of corruption against members of his political party.

He said, “It behoves the President to point out those he says are using stolen wealth to fight him. It is not enough to just state that some people are using stolen wealth to fight him. He should mention names and make sure they are prosecuted.

“The anti-corruption war will not succeed because we’ve not defined what corruption is and who and who are guilty of corruption.

“Some people in Buhari’s government are corrupt and he has not tried them. His anti-corruption war is selective and vindictive. Let the President bring out the corrupt elements in his party and use the same yardstick he’s been using for other people on his party’s members.”

It said the President was using the war against corruption as vendetta against the opposition, adding that the President was not sincere about it.

Spokesperson for the former ruling party, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, stated this in an interview with one of our correspondents, while  reacting to the claim by the President.

He said the President was never serious about the war, which he said was aimed at members of the PDP alone.

He said rather than wage a holistic war, the President had refused to probe former members of the PDP who defected to the APC.

Adeyeye said, “The President isn’t saying the truth about the so-called war against corruption and he knows.

“That’s why he has been opening the door for those undergoing corruption trials to cross over to the APC and as soon as that is done, they become saints.

“Majority of the members of the APC today are from the PDP. So, what has he done to those people? They have become saints because they dumped the PDP?

“The President must come out openly to tell Nigerians why those people are no longer under the radar of the anti-corruption agencies just because they have joined the APC.”

He also said that the President was using the anti-corruption agencies to hunt members of the APC who have different views apart from his (Buhari’s) in the APC.

“He’s setting the agencies against his perceived enemies even in his party, the APC,” he added.

Adeyeye called on the President to be sincere, but added that it might be difficult to do so since the President himself “is fighting a pre-determined war.”


REVEALED: How Nigeria corruption loot was flown via two aeroplanes, taking 10 days to count

A very reputable bank manager has opened a scathing can of worms as he details how two dirty-money-filled aeroplanes were used in a cash exchange as part of a major ongoing corruption investigation.

The quantity of cash, totalling 1.2bn naira ($3.8m; £3m), was so great that it took 10 days to count it, Sunday Oluseye told the court in Abuja.

His testimony forms part of a case linked to a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal.

President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to tackle corruption.

“I got worried when I saw the huge amount of money conveyed by the aircrafts that day,” Mr Oluseye told the court, in comments reported by Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), a government anti-corruption body.

He told the court that most of the money was in 500 and 1,000 naira notes.

The evidence was given as part of a money-laundering case brought by the EFCC against Abiodun Agbele, whom the body names as a close ally of the governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose.

The EFCC says the case is linked to a wider investigation into Nigeria’s former national security adviser Sambo Dasuki, who has been charged for an alleged multi-million dollar fraud in which government funds earmarked to fight Boko Haram were stolen.

Mr Dasuki and Mr Agbele both deny the charges.

Corruption is endemic in Nigeria and so far the EFCC has only managed to secure a handful of convictions.


Nyesom Wike blasts APC-led government over rigged anti-corruption war

Governor Chief Nyesom Wike  has accused the APC-led Federal Government of double standard in its anti-corruption war.

Wike observed that the Federal Government had forced some public officers accused of corruption to step aside pending the conclusion of their cases while other public officers similarly accused of corruption were allowed to continue with their jobs.

Wike made the allegations as members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators expressed the need for Nigerians to embrace alternative means of conflict resolution, describing it as Africa’s traditional ways of settling disputes.

He also warned of an impending anarchy in the country if security agencies were encouraged to abuse the rights of Nigerians under the guise of an anti-corruption war.

“We think the Federal Government must hold every public officer and everyone of us to the same standards of accountability.

“It smacks of double standard for the Federal Government to force some public officers accused of corruption to step aside pending the conclusion of their cases, while keeping other public officers similarly accused in their public posts simply because they happen to be top members of the ruling party. Such inequities strike at the very essence of our moral values and rubbish the demand for character and personal integrity in public service.

“By resigning from his public position on account of the allegations of bribery against him, Muiz Banire (SAN), a former legal adviser of the All Progressives Congress, has proven to be a man who loves his character more than anything else,” he said.

He added, “Let all those public officers with the smear of corruption step aside honourably and concentrate on clearing their names. We totally support our President’s fight against corruption. However, we are on our way to anarchy if we encourage or allow law enforcement agencies the latitude to abuse the fundamental rights of our citizens under the guise of fighting corruption.”




Why 25 ex-ministers, aides of Jonathan are under EFCC probe

At least 25 persons who were ex-ministers, aides or advisers to former President Goodluck Jonathan are being either investigated or prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission.

Apart from ministers and aides, Jonathan’s wife, Patience, and his cousin, Azibaola Robert, who is the Managing Director of OnePlus Holdings, are also under probe for an alleged $20m and $40m fraud respectively.

Also, over 15 heads of agencies and heads of military establishments who served under Jonathan are also under probe or prosecution.

Investigations by a source, based on reports issued by the EFCC in the last 10 months, revealed that the probes range from the $15bn arms scam to the alleged disbursement of N23bn stolen oil funds and other allegations of financial impropriety.

One of such persons under probe is a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, whose accounts have been frozen while some of her properties, including a mansion worth N3.58bn in Abuja, have been seized by the EFCC.

Diezani, who claims to be suffering from cancer, has been in London since May 2015, where she is also being investigated by British anti-crime agencies.

Among other things, Diezani is accused of diverting $115m (N23bn) oil cash and distributing it to some prominent members of the Peoples Democratic Party during the build-up to the 2015 presidential election.

According to EFCC sources, some of the ex-ministers who allegedly received the cash from Diezani and are now under probe include: a former Minister of State for FCT, Jumoke Akinjide (N650m); a former Minister of State for Finance, Amb. Bashir Yuguda (N450m); a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb Aminu Wali (N950m); and a former Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, Dr. Nurudeen Muhammad (N500m).

A former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.), is alleged to have disbursed about $2.1bn arms money.

Dasuki was alleged to have transferred about N4.7bn to a former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro; who is also under EFCC investigation. Obanikoro has reportedly returned N100m to the EFCC.

Some others under probe include a former Minister of FCT, Senator Bala Mohammed; a former Minister of Interior, Abba Moro; a former Minister of Aviation, Senator Stella Oduah; another former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode; a former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Prof. Viola Onwuliri; a former Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Mohammed Adoke (SAN); a former Minister of Labour and productivity, Senator Joel Danlami; a former Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Godsday Orubebe; and a former Minister of Education, Ibrahim Shekarau.

Apart from Dasuki, some aides under investigation or prosecution include: a former Special Adviser to the President on Domestic Affairs, Waripamowei Dudafa; a former Principal Secretary to the President, Mr. Hassan Tukur; a former Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati and a former Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr. Doyin Okupe.

Others include: a former Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and the Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Kingsley Kuku; Jonathan’s Aide-de-Camp, Col. Ojogbane Adegbe; and the Chief of Staff to the President, Gen. Jones Arogbofa.

The Federal Government had in June released a list of recovered loot. In a statement by the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the government revealed the recoveries were made between May 29, 2015 and May 25, 2016.

The government gave the breakdown of the loot as N78, 325,354,631.82; $185,119,584.61; £3,508,355.46 and €11, 250.

A conversion of the funds using the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Nigeria, the amount adds up to N115,792,760,499.

The monies were said to have been recovered by the EFCC, the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation; the ICPC and the Department of State Services.

The Muhammadu Buhari-led government added that a separate amount of cash and assets worth over N1.9tn had also been seized. However, the properties and cash are under legal contention.

The assets and cash seized under interim forfeiture totalled: $9bn, N126bn, £2.4m and €303,399.

A conversion of the worth of assets and cash seized based on the official CBN exchange rate totalled: N1,918,113,864,063.

It added, “Recoveries under Interim Forfeiture (cash and assets) during the period totalled: N126,563,481,095.43; $9,090,243,920.15; £2,484,447.55 and €303,399.17.”

Attempts to reach the spokesman for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, proved abortive as he did not respond to calls made to his telephone.


APC wants Jonathan questioned for looting Nigeria’s treasury

The Lagos chapter of the All Progressives Congress said on Sunday said it was time former President Goodluck Jonathan was invited for questioning over the alleged looting of the nation’s treasury under his administration.

The APC chapter said it had now become indefensible to pretend that Jonathan did not know anything about the alleged corrupt practices of some of the public office-holders who served under him while looting Nigeria’s treasury.

The party was reacting to Jonathan’s recent statement that he did not believe that his National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.), who is currently facing trial, stole the $2.1bn budgeted for the purchase of arms.

The APC chapter, in a statement by its spokesman, Joe Igbokwe, said by rising in defence of Dasuki, Jonathan had thrown caution to the wind and was now treating Nigerians with contempt when he was expected to concentrate on how to redeem his image.

Igbokwe said it was surprising that Jonathan would be defending Dasuki at a time when some of the public office-holders who served under him had been refunding some of the money they stole.

The APC said, “Even as we concede that Jonathan is on a desperate bid to rehabilitate himself, we wouldn’t believe that a former President should be so contemptuous of the intelligence of Nigerians as to give the kind of defence he gave to Sambo Dasuki.

“We wonder what Jonathan makes of the horrid details that are emanating from the Dasukigate issue with shocking evidences, confessions and even refunds made by those that participated in that monumental corruption.

“To claim that Dasuki and his partners did not steal the arms purchase fund reveals the inner beliefs of Jonathan.

“One would have expected Jonathan to be cautious in seeking to advance very childish and inadmissible exculpation of his subordinates for glaring acts of corruption. We had expected that Jonathan would have striven to water down the lowly impression held of him by Nigerians and the international community by not deciding to be so patronising to clear cases of corruption by his subordinates.

“By Jonathan’s defence of Sambo Dasuki, we believe time has come for the security agencies to pick up Jonathan to tell the nation all that he knows of the many cases of corruption that happened under him.”


How corruption is killing Nigerian sports – Revealed by Daniel Amokachi

Ex-International, Daniel Amokachi, yesterday, opened a can of worms in the nation’s sporting arena, alleging that Nigerian youths cough out as much as N250,000 each to get into the U-17 team in Nigeria.

Daniel Amokachi spoke when he joined forces with coalition of Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, operating under the aegis of National Support Groups for Good Governance, NASUGG, protesting in support of war against corruption in Abuja.

Daniel Amokachi who hailed the Department of State Services, DSS, over the arrest of alleged corrupt judges, in Abuja, described the sport arena as den of corruption.

Amokachi, while addressing Senators Barnabas Gemade and Ovie Omo-Agege, when the group stormed the gate of the National Assembly, said corruption is endemic in sports.

According to him, “My name is Daniel Amokachi. I have said I will support the movement, because in my field which is sports, corruption is endemic.

“Corruption has invaded sports so deeply that even in FIFA headquarters in Zurich, we saw how the world stood up and said “Enough is enough!”

We saw how the president, Sepp Blatter was not spared. He was removed from office because integrity matters when it comes to the constitution.

“President Buhari is one who doesn’t take nonsense when it comes to fighting corruption. I concur with everything he says.

“For instance, in Nigerian football today, the youths, when invited to the national team, a coach will ask them to bring N250,000 each to get into the U-17 team when he already has the talent. If a person has talent, he should be allowed to showcase what he has in the interest of the nation.”

“A small team cannot win the Nigerian league because all the people in Nigerian football are corrupt. If a referee is bribed and a match is won here, the match cannot be won there.

“The judiciary is not above the law. Mr. President is on a good path’’, he said.

In his reaction, Senator Barnabas Gemade, who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Housing, corroborated Amokachi’s position on the rot in the sports sector.

He said, “I’m very particular about your comment on football because I’m one of those who love football. And I started a club called BCC Lion, which you know.

“And I have witnessed all that is happening in the sports arena. And I know that corruption is killing it just as it is killing all other aspect of our national life. We must fight corruption’’, Gemade assured.


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