Shocking! Kenyan millionaire marries two best friends in separate lavish weddings on same day [Photos]

A popular Kenyan millionaire identified as Javan Bidogo, who reportedly spent millions in lavish weddings for his two brides who are believed to be best friends on the same weekend, has turned to an internet sensation.
The brides Asha Juma and Elvas Kulengwa who even posed for a selfie before and after the wedding, said their ‘I do’s’ over the weekend in ceremonies which were held in two different locations, posh hotels.
It was gathered that Asha Juma wed Javan at the Serena Hotel In Dar es Salaam, Kenya while Elvas Kulengwa said her vows at the Golden Jubilee Tower in Dar es Salaam. Asha’s colour code was maroon, gold and blue while Elvas’s was maroon, gold and white.
Javan Bidogo wedded Elvas on Saturday, March 25 and he also wed Asha Sunday, March 26. The nuptials were both invite only events and no kids were allowed to attend.
What’s interesting is they went for honeymoon together and even posed for a selfie on their flight to honeymoon.
The man with his wives who are friends on their way to honeymoon

9ice – My kids always come first before marriage

Abolore Akande, popularly known as 9ice has come a long way in the Nigerian music industry, having gained recognition in 2005, after releasing his first single, “Little Money”. Since then, the ‘Alakpomeji’ crooner’ has not slowed down in his quest to be on top of his game. Recently, he signed a new deal with Temple Management Company, TMC, which marked a new beginning in his musical career. But beyond this, 9ice craves for happiness in all ramifications. He believes that not having children from one woman can deprive him of his happiness. In this engaging interview , 9ice speaks about what gives him happiness, his music, new management and marriage.

You recently signed a deal with Temple Management Company, how are you enjoying the new experience?
Like you said, it’s a new experience for me. So far so good, I’m welcoming all the ideas and experiences. I’m loving it.

You once lamented the difficulties associated with an artiste managing himself. Now that you have a management in place, how far do you intend to go in your career?
An artiste will go far because he has all the time to creatively create a new sound. Now, he has people that monitor your image out there, book shows for you and ensure that you dress in a particular way. So, the artiste’s sole priority is to make music unlike before, where you have to be your own manager, your own booking agent and promoter. My sole priority now is to create good sounds.

When you were managing yourself, what was it like?
It was hectic but also, fun. This is because it was a new industry that was growing up then. So, to find myself in that situation at that time was new to me even though I was having fun.

What motivated you to go into politics?
We tried politicians, they failed us, the media failed us too. We have not tried pastors and entertainers. So, if a press man is qualified to be a politician, what stops me from going into politics. Am I not a Nigerian? I can vote and be voted for. So, what’s wrong with my going into politics?“

It’s unusual seeing a musician going into politics.
Well, to see a musician at my level going into politics is new in Nigeria. But we are being used by politicians as tools for their campaign. So, I will rather campaign for myself and do what I need to do because I know how to deliver and I have my name to protect. So, why do I need to campaign for another person.

“What was the experience like?
I learnt a lot of lessons and I can tell you that it will take God Almighty to reposition Nigeria. Yes, I can say that I would have won my primaries if they had allowed my Local Government to vote. In spite of that, I defeated about three sitting commissioners. I came second during the primaries, so, it was a wonderful experience for me. I don’t have any regrets, but going into politics taught me a lot of things. That’s why I said earlier that it would take God Almighty to reposition Nigeria.

Did you go into politics because music at the time wasn’t as challenging as it used to be?
Yes, it wasn’t and I said it loud and clear. Music wasn’t challenging any more, in terms of the drive, the motivation and the passion. Those days, you hear someone’s songs and you want to become a better singer. It wasn’t like that any more. People dance to the beats. We listen to music because we want to learn something, not because one wants to dance to the rhythm. That’s my school of thought. So, music wasn’t challenging to me at the time I went into politics. When I was coming up, it was challenging then.

What’s your greatest hit that each time you listen to it, you feel like remixing the song?
It’s the song I titled, “Any Time.” It talks about my life and experiences. While I was growing up, the things I experienced in my life; how I scaled through the hurdles of becoming a man. I am planning to do a remix of the song with Youssou N’Dour.

There’s a statement credited to you that you wished all your children came from the same mother. Are you regretting your marital life?
There are so many things anybody can wish himself in life. I can wish to be the governor of Lagos State. Need is different from want.

But does it mean that you have not been lucky, in terms of marriage?
I am very lucky and I am happy with what I have. Being married does not mean that you are going to be happy, unless we want to deceive ourselves.

Supposing your ex -wife, Toni comes back to you, will you give her another chance?
She’s with me and we are both happy. She’s living her life while I’m living my own life. Happiness is the most important thing. Don’t let your family push you into doing anything you don’t like. If you want to stay in marriage, all well and good. But if you think not getting married gives your happiness, don’t marry. It is not by force that one must marry. God is not going to punish anybody who refused to get married.

So, how do you run your home?
How I run my home is different from how you run your own home. I might not be the one running the home. It might be the mothers of my kids who are running the home in my absence and they are doing it perfectly well. And the glory will come to me. When it comes to marital issues, it is a game of luck. Nobody can come and tell me that I’m perfect that’s why I’m married. We all know how it’s being done. People have issues in marriage everyday. What I want in my life is happiness and I’m having it now. And I’m loving it. Marriage or no marriage, I am happy and I have my children. That’s the important thing to me. Another source of my happiness is my focus on my music. If you are happy, you can make the next person around you happy. What I want in life is happiness, whether I get in marriage or out of marriage, is irrelevant to me.

At what point did you start enjoying the reward of your sweat?
At the moment, I released “Gongo Aso”as a single, not as an album. When I released my first album there were many singles that were making it. But I can’t genuinely say I have arrived. But when I released “Gongo Aso”, as a single, it announced me. After which I released album after album.


Waje – I’m thinking about remarrying, but I want a God-fearing man this time

As R&B singer, Waje, contemplates the possibility of  remarrying and finding true love, she drew a list of attributes and one of them must be a God fearing man.

The single mother stated all the interests she is looking to find (if she is remarrying) in an interview with Saturday Beats.

Waje and daughter, EmeraldWaje and daughter, Emerald


According to Waje, money isn’t all that matters but she is insistent that her new type of man must be hardworking and good looking.

“I have not ruled out the concept of love and re-marrying from my life, I can never do that.

“I look for certain criteria in a man and the first is that he has to be God-fearing.

“I don’t need a passive God-fearing man; he has to really invest in his faith.

“The only way I can love someone completely and unconditionally is if I experience a bigger kind of love and that is God’s love.

“I also like a man who is not afraid to be expressive and who is not afraid to support someone who is hard working and in the public domain.

“He should not put restrictions on me and must know that this is my job and would allow me shine. Also I would want a hardworking person.

“He does not have to have about $10m in his bank account but when you see someone who is hard working, it means that no matter how many times we fall, we would rise again.

“He has to be easy on the eyes as well. I don’t care much about his height but he should be a bit tall because I am a tall person,” the singer highlighted.


Waje performing 'I wish'Waje performing ‘I wish’

(Buckwyld Media)

With a countless list of massive hits, Waje boasts of the type of success that puts her on the A-list section of Nigerian musicians.

When it comes to her acting skills, this sultry singer is no pushover.

She once starred in the 2014 Nigerian drama, “Tunnel” alongside Femi Jacobs, Patrick Doyle, Nse- Etm, Lepacious Bose in the Stanlee Ohikhuare directed film.


Daurawa warns Sanusi – You can’t ban poor men from marrying multiple wives

An Islamic cleric and Kano State Commander-General of the Hibah Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, has reacted to the plan by the Emir of kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, to propose a law that restricts poor men in the emirate from marrying many wives.

Recall that Sanusi had divulged his plans, saying he would ensure that the law would be passed by the Kano State Government as a way of immortalizing Ambasador Isa Wali, a former Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, who was one of the first northern elements to advocate gender equality.

But the cleric, in his reaction, said the Emir’s plan will violate the Quran.

Speaking with BBC Hausa, Daurawa said the criteria for marrying another wife as contained in the Quran should be strictly followed.

Daurawa advised the monarch to focus on enlightening the people on the intricacies of polygamy.

He said, “Allah’s position on marriage is sacrosanct as stated in the Holy Quran and any infringement is nullity.

“What needs to be done is not enactment of a law that would bar the poor from marrying more than one wife but rather enlightenment on the intricacies of polygamy.

“There about 13 criteria to be followed before one qualifies to marry a second wife and this include been just and caring to the wife as been enshrined in the Holy Quran should be strictly followed,”

[Daily Post]

Controversial counselor, Lutterodt: A man who marries before 30 won’t last, a woman must marry after 28

Controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor, George Lutterodt has stated that marriage can never hold when a woman is below 28 years of age, while a man who is less than 30 years can’t remain faithful when he is married. According to the self-styled counselor in an interview with 3FM, he said a woman must build her single life before getting married, while a man must be above 30 to have a successful married life.

‘A woman must marry after 28. You are not serious to marry below. You need to build a single life. You need to build a standard for yourself. After you build your single life, you can marry to satisfy a man.  A man who marries below 30 can’t stay in marriage. A man must be 30 and above before he can stay in marriage otherwise, he will be looking somewhere else to be spoon-fed,’ he said.

[Linda Ikeji]

Adele confirms secret marriage to longtime partner, Simon Konecki

Adele has finally confirmed her marriage to partner of five years, Simon Konecki.

In December last year the ‘Hello‘ star was rumoured to have married her partner of five years in a secret wedding ceremony with Simon Konecki over Christmas.

Adele finally confirmed that she is married to Simon Konecki as she referred to him as her husband in her emotional acceptance speech for album of the year at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Adele plants a kiss on Simon, 42, before she headed up on stage (DailyMail)

Taking to the stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles the 28-year-old said, “Grammys, I appreciate it, the Academy, I love you, my manager, my husband and my son ,you’re the only reason I do it.

The British star in January this year was spotted wearing a band on her wedding finger but reps for the singer had ‘no comment’ when asked about it.

The couple, who met in 2011, are parents to four-year-old son Angelo.

Adele won five Grammys during the night.


Yvonne Nelson discloses: I’ll be getting married this year

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson would be walking down the aisle very soon.

The “If Tommorrow Never Comes” actress,Yvonne Nelson, was a guest on BBC’s Focus On Africa where she disclosed this.Yvonne Nelson on Snapchat

Yvonne Nelson on Snapchat (instagram)

When asked by the host when wedding bells would ring, Yvonne replied saying, “This year. I’ll be getting married this year.

Yvonne Nelson and dadYvonne Nelson and dad (Instagram)

Yvonne who recently lost her dad on Monday, January 23, 2017 has been linked to ‘best friend’ John Dumelo in the past.

The duo are so close that they are sometimes seen hugging themselves like lovers.  Meanwhile, John Dumelo once mentioned that he has plans to get married soon and that he could never marry Yvonne Nelson even though they are best of friends.

Yvonne Nelson is just my friend, I mean we have enjoyed a beautiful friendship over a long period of time and we had some misunderstanding but I just thought about it and wondered, hey life is short, let’s bury the hatchet and move on as good friends that we have always been.


Actress, Yvonne Jegede, announces court wedding with Abounce

Actress, Yvonne Jegede and Olakunle Fawole, aka Abounce have taken one more step in sealing their marriage as they exchange wedding vows at the Ikoyi registry today, February 8, 2016.

Yvonne Jegede court weddingYvonne Jegede court wedding with Abounce (IG)

The actress shared the news with a picture on her Instagram feed after the ceremony, and the photo caption simply reads “And it is done.”

Of course, that’s a clear indication of the memorable step she and her boo just took, and you can feel the bride’s excitement as she adds a thankful hashtag to the post and of course, a wedding ring emoji.

The wedding picture shows the couple smiling happily as they pose for a photo with few family members and friends in front of the Ikoyi Registry signpost.

Jazzman Olofin and Bimbo Akintola were present to witness the couple tie the knot.

Congratulations to Yvonne and Olakule Fawole!


Stars grace Laura Ikeji & Ogbonna Kanu’s traditional wedding in Imo [Photos]

Adorable photos of newlyweds, Laura Ikeji and Ogbonna Kanu, as well as Ex-Super Eagles Captain, Nwankwo Kanu, have emerged online.

Ogbonna, Laura, Nwankwo
Super Eagles legendary player, Nwankwo Kanu, was spotted in adorable photos during the traditional marriage ceremony of his brother, Ogbonna Kanu and Laura Ikeji, the sister to popular blogger.
The couple, Laura and Ogbonna Kanu had their wedding ceremony in Imo State on Saturday, January 28th.
Linda Ikeji who released the photos wrote: “Laura and Ogbonna Kanu were tied in holy matrimony at a traditional wedding that took place today in our home town in Nkwerre LGA, of Imo state. Congrats to the couple.”
See more photos below;

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