How PDP ruined Nigeria – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ruined Nigeria before it was voted out.

APC National Publicity Secretary, Bolaji Abdullahi, said this on Thursday in response to the spokesman of the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led faction of the PDP, Dayo Adeyeye, who said President Muhammadu Buhari had improvised the masses and that “Nigeria is worse off than the APC met her in 2015”.

Abdulahhi noted that “As a Party that was formerly in the opposition, the APC is aware of the role a thriving opposition can play in sustaining democracy.

“However, it appears that the marginal group that Adeyeye belongs believe that it is only by attacking the APC that it can find its relevance or gain the upper hand in the PDP’s internecine war.

“We need to remind Adeyeye’s group however that although Nigerians may have forgiven the PDP, two years after the Party ruined the country, but we have not forgotten.

“Nigerians have not forgotten that it was under the PDP-led administration that the terrorist group, Boko Haram seized a sizable portion of Nigeria’s territory, created a Caliphate and hoisted its own flags.

“It took the APC-led government of President Muhammadu Buhari to reclaim our territory and pride.

“Today, Boko Haram insurgents are virtually defeated and are on the run, and no millimetre of Nigerian territory is currently held by the insurgents. We have forgiven, but we have not forgotten.

“Under the PDP, a Party that does not consider corruption to be stealing, corruption enjoyed an unprecedented prosperity.

“Nigeria recorded some of the most unimaginable, shocking and astounding cases of corruption ever experienced in our history, or in the history of any country.

“Funds meant for the procurement of arms and ammunition required to fight the Boko Haram insurgency were stolen by agents of government and shared among themselves. It was a classic case of kleptocracy,” it said.

APC said that the PDP-led administration was sending soldiers to battle without weapons and sharing the money.

“Worse still, when soldiers protested the lack of weaponry, the PDP-led administration added wickedness to weakness and court-martialled them, sentencing some of them to death, and others to long terms of imprisonment.

“If Nigerians have graciousness to forgive the PDP for the wanton corruption, we will not forget.

“Nigerians also remember that it was under the nose and watchful eyes of the PDP that over 250 Nigerian girls were abducted.

“It took the Party more than a month to even make a statement! PDP went about bandying conspiracy theories while innocent Nigerian girls were being held in captivity.

“Again, it took the APC-led administration to rescue some of the girls, while efforts are ongoing to free the rest.

“Yet, PDP had the audacity to counter the globally acclaimed hashtag,#BringBackOurGirls with their terribly insensitive #BringBackJonathan. We are willing to forgive even this; but we cannot forget.

“Nigerians will not forget that under the PDP, over 20 Nigerian youths died and thousands were seriously injured while looking for jobs. the PDP-led administration organised a fraudulent Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment exercise and lured young people desperate for jobs to various stadiums across the country after extorting them.

“In the end, the exercise ended in tears, sorrows and blood. None of those who survived got the job and, worse still; the officials responsible for the calamity were protected by the PDP. We cannot forget.

“Nigerians remember that under the PDP, whistle-blowing was a crime. When a former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor exposed the stealing of $20billion from the national treasury, he was suspended and hounded out of the government. We have not forgotten.

“If we have not been talking about this plethora of PDP iniquities, it is not because we have forgotten. Instead, we have chosen to pick up the pieces of the PDP wreckage and move the country forward.

“This, we have endeavoured to do in the last two years since Nigerians unanimously rejected the PDP for their wanton profligacy and misrule.

“Nigerians are a forgiving people, and that is why a self-appointed spokesman of what is left of the PDP could have the effrontery to make the kind of statements attributed to Adeyeye. But Nigerians will not forget in a hurry, the years of the locust”.

[Daily Post]

PDP Crisis: Makarfi, Sheriff go to war again

National chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has threatened to arrest old staff of the party secretariat, if they failed to return property in their possession in seven days. He also threatened legal action against those referring to the National Caretaker Committee, led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, as a faction of the party, signalling a collapse of the truce brokered by chairman of the National Reconciliation Commission, Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State.

Sheriff, who noted that he had right as chairman of the party to employ staff, said in a statement signed, yesterday, by Deputy Chairman of the party, Dr. Cairo Ojougbo:

“We are preparing to complete state congresses where necessary and working hard towards our national convention. “We will not be distracted from our set objective to return the party to the grassroots by inconsequential issues.

“We must prevent anybody with the agenda of killing the party, especially those who were brought to the party by those who have already decamped to other parties.

“We are giving seven days to these old staff, who still have the property of our party in their possession, to return them immediately, or we will be left with no other option than to hand them over to the police.” Makarfi had in a statement by Prince Dayo Adeyeye, last week, reacted to the job vacancy issue, thus: “We wish to state unequivocally that there are no vacancies for employment at the national secretariat of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“All the staff of the party, in line with the Establishment Manual, are intact and standing strong with all the organs of the PDP in its bid to salvage the party from destroyers. “It is sad to note that Professor Wale Oladipo is ignorant on the workings of the PDP, the Establishment Manual and the position of the recent Appeal Court Judgment of February 17, 2017 which ordered the Party to revert to the Status of the Party before May 21st, 2016.

The Publication is, therefore, a ploy by Senator Sheriff and his cohorts to disengage the Establishment Staff of the PDP for acting in line with their constitutional mandate and convictions. “The vexatious publication is a cheap blackmail designed to intimidate our hardworking and highly principled staff.

It belongs to the trash bin and should be ignored.” Sheriff also said, by the pronouncement of the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt, the Makarfi group was no longer in existence. He noted that an appeal was not a stay of execution, insisting that the Makarfi group was illegal. “Makarfi should behave himself, he should not interfere in our business, because we are not interested in his private business.

Any further careless statement from him will force us to reconsider our earlier peace agreement. “We have already employed staff who are running the bureaucracy efficiently.

If Makarfi so desires, he should keep the old staff, just as he is doing now. We have had enough and enough is enough of this,” he said.

Meanwhile, chairman of the caretaker committee of the party, Ahmed Makarfi, said, yesterday, that the latest threat by Ali Modu Sheriff to sue anybody who recognises the committee has shown that Sheriff and his group were not reliable.

In a statement by the spokesman of the committee, Dayo Adeyeye, Makarfi said: “Sheriff and his co travelers, especially Cairo Ojuogbo, were never men with whom one can reach any agreement. But we tagged along to avoid being accused of unnecessary intransigence.”

‘’Since the leopard cannot change its spot, it is now very clear that no agreement or political solution can be reached with these bunch of people with huge integrity deficit.

“Cairo is a nonentity, an impostor and a rabble rouser in a non existent National Working Committee (NWC). Sheriff has no men to constitute an NWC with the required constitutional quorum. He therefore has to surround himself with the likes of Cairo who was neither elected or appointed to the Position.

‘’Cairo’s shameless public parade of himself as Deputy National Chairman is the worst case of impunity in the history of our great Party. His threat against our hard working staff should therefore be ignored and treated with utmost contempt coming from a lawless impostor.

“ For the education of Sheriff and his cohorts, our Appeal at the Supreme Court is already on. To that extent, the position and status of the National Caretaker Committee remains completely unaltered. Since they cannot comprehend even very simple matters, we will use a simple analogy.

‘’If a governor loses at the election petitions tribunal and at the Court of Appeal, does he ceases to be a governor even when his appeal is pending before the Supreme Court? And would the civil servants then refuse to serve him? The position of the law is that he would remain the governor and all government employees will be expected to continue to service his government until otherwise determined by the Supreme Court. “

In the light of the above, we urge our loyal Party members and staff to ignore this latest rantings of the APC lackeys. We went out of our way few days ago to reach accommodation with them even when some of our top leaders had serious misgivings about any type of talk with them given their unreliability. We are happy that we have shown our goodwill and they too have demonstrated their bad faith” he said.

He added that the committee “tried strenuously to reach Gov Dickson to report this infraction and deliberate violation of the truce agreement by the Sheriff Group but we were not able to get through to him”.

[Nigerian Eye]

PDP – Why we are in crisis

The Publicity Secretary of the national caretaker committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, Dayo Adeyeye has explained why the crisis rocking the party is being prolonged.

Adeyeye observed that the lingering internal fued in the party was not unexpected, considering the fact that it had been relegated to the opposition after being in power for 16 years.

He, however, expressed hope that the party would bounce back “to take its rightful position in the country’s political space”.

Speaking on Thursday in Abuja, Adeyeye said in spite of the protracted internal rancour, PDP remained a tool that God would use to reposition Nigeria.

“I believe that the present crisis we are having in PDP is not completely unexpected given the fact that the party was in power for 16 years.

“Being out of power will necessarily create its own problem and unfortunately, we have the introduction of a foreign agent into the party, which has complicated all matters.

“I believe the matter will be resolved one way or the other soonest and from this present crisis, we may even have a strong party,” Adeyeye said.

He added that the forces causing PDP’s protracted crisis would soon encounter their own internal crisis.

“Those who seem to be in comfort today causing trouble, their own problem would soon visit them.

“I am not worried; I put my faith and hope in God and I know that this matter would soon be resolved in a manner that would favour us and majority of Nigerians, by the grace of God,” he said.

“So, Nigerians should not lose hope as the crisis would soon be resolved,” Adeyeye said.

[Daily Post]

Modu Sheriff plotting to run for President in 2019 – Makarfi camp alleges

The Ahmed Makarfi-camp of PDP, alleges that the Chairman of the party, Ali Modu Sheriff, is planning to run for presidency come 2019.

Dayo Adeyeye who is the spokesperson of the PDP caretaker committee of the Ahmed Makarfi-camp, made the allegation when he spoke at a press conference in Abuja yesterday …

“Yesterday, while addressing newsmen, as he continues to illegally occupy our Party Secretariat with the backings of the APC Government, the former Borno State Governor clearly stated that he’s interested in contesting the 2019 Presidential Elections using the platform of our Party, the PDP. We said it earlier, but most non Party members as well as some members of the Party who could not see beyond the curtains didn’t believe it, but we were sure that Senator Sheriff was holding the Party to ransom because he wanted to hijack the Party and use it for his selfish interest. Now, the truth has been revealed. Senator Sheriff has told the entire world that his fight for the soul of the PDP was to achieve a set objective which he has been working towards since January 2016 when he was appointed to office just to complete the tenure of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur cum Adamu Muazu who resigned having led the Party to electoral failure in 2015. The stories in the newspapers today were clear enough. For the records, he was asked if he would contest the 2019 Presidential Election and he responded “….I only told you I wouldn’t run for chairman at the convention. The rest we will leave it for God to decide. What a clever way to announce his presidential ambition”he said

[Linda Ikeji]

Orji Uzor Kalu slams ex-party: I own 90 percent of PDP

A former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has slammed his estranged party, the People’s Democratic Party for treating him with utter disdain despite being one of the foundation members.

Orji Uzor Kalu, who pitched his tent with the ruling All Progressives Congress in November 2016, ‎said he gave the party its first N500m and supported the election of former President Olusegun Obasanjo with N100m.

He added that if the PDP were a company, he owned 90 per cent of its share.

Kalu was the governor of Abia State under the umbrella of the PDP between 1999 to 2007.

The ex-governor made this known on Monday in Washington DC, United States of America, during a dinner.

He said, “All of you know that if the PDP were a company, I ought to own 90 per cent of it because in 1998, I gave the party its first N500m.

“By then, I wasn’t in government. I also gave the presidential candidate, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, over N100m in 1998.

“How many Nigerians would have done that? Yet the same government, the same PDP, took my bank, took my airline, took my oil licence to put me out of business entirely because I proposed that I must run for president in 2007; I also opposed the 3rd term, which they are denying today.”

Kalu, who spoke on many issues, ranging from his trial by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, fight against corruption in Nigeria, the economy, hailed judges in the US for their courage, urging Nigerian judges to emulate them.

He said the PDP hunted him for his ambition to run for the office of the president in 2007 and for opposing the third term agenda of Obasanjo.

[Daily Post]

Nobody can destroy PDP, it’s God’s creation – Modu Sheriff

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Chairman, Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff, on Monday declared that nobody can destroy the party as it’s a creation of God.

Addressing reporters in Abuja, the former Borno State Governor said he was working towards returning the party to power.

According to the former Borno Governor, “Everywhere in our party, we are working across the board; everybody is working for the party to come back to its position in 1999.

“We are for peace and that does not mean that we are afraid of anybody; we will not be relenting.

“We need our party back in power and we will carry everybody that means well for PDP along.

“I assure you that PDP will not be destroyed; PDP is a creation of God and cannot be destroyed by anybody.

“We are on course and we will go as planned. For everybody that believes that it is not political solution, they are on their own.”

[Daily Post]

APC responsible for our ongoing crisis – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of causing its ongoing crisis.

In a communique issued at the end of its stakeholders’ meeting in Akure, the state capital and attended by the former Deputy National Chairman (South), Bode George, the party said the APC had continued to fester on the ongoing crisis in the PDP.

The National Vice Chairman (South West), Eddy Olafeso, who read the communique said: “We condemn emphatically the desperate politics that the APC has continued to prosecute in the nation.

“Its penchant for undermining institutions, compromising elections and also the sponsorship of crisis in our party by clandestinely providing logistic support to the Sheriff group.”

The party also reaffirmed its belief in the leadership of Ahmed Markafi as the national chairman of the party’s caretaker committee, saying that Ali Modu Sheriff was only being sponsored by the APC to cause distraction in the party.

The PDP urged members to stand firm and remain committed to actions that will reposition the party and return it to its glory.

The meeting was attended by the governorship candidate in the last election, Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) and Southwest zonal secretary, Bunmi Jenyo.

[Daily Post]

We regret making Modu Sheriff Party Chairman – Secondus

A former acting national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Uche Secondus has described the emergence of Ali Modu Sheriff as the National Leader of the party as a deadly mistake.

He said the party failed to make diligent background check on Sheriff before it ‘rushed’ to enthrone him as Acting Chairman.

PDP has been embroiled in serious crisis following the leadership tussle between the Sheriff-led faction and the Ahmed Markafi group who are all claimants to the chairmanship stool.

The Appeal Court had since recognized the Sheriff-led faction as the authentic caretaker committee of the party last month.

Reacting, however, Secondus said it was a mistake which he wished was never made, stressing that some persons were hell bent on causing confusion in the party.

He told Sun that, “Honestly speaking like I said, there is no human endeavor or no human organisation that has no error, only the spirit.

“We did not carry out due check on him (Sheriff) before rushing and made him the Acting Chairman.

“Unfortunately, you can see the hands of Esau, who is actually Jacob in the person of Sheriff. He came to destabilize the party. Obviously, everybody has seen it. He did it in Ondo State – and we lost; he did it in Edo State and we believe that even though we lost, we will get justice at the court.

“We know that forces are behind him just to destabilize our party. It is a common knowledge but we believe that we have God and justice will be done,” he said.

[Daily Post]

Ibrahim Babangida – PDP can rule for 60 years if…

Former military President Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) says PDP can rule for 60 years “provided it can put its house in order”.
Ibrahim Babangida said this on Saturday when he received leaders of the party at his Hilltop mansion in Minna, Niger state capital according to The Cable.
He claimed that PDP is the only political party, whose presence had been felt, known and accepted by the people.
“PDP’s presence is felt not only in Abuja or Lagos, but down to the lowest level,” he said.
“If you go to the grassroots, the ordinary man will talk about PDP; that is the asset the party has and should use to spring back to reckoning.
“Already, it is accepted and known. All you have to do is work harder and try to convince the people back to your fold.”
He also re-echoed his support for a two-party system, and declared that it was the best option toward deepening democracy.
“Gradually, my earlier suggestion about the practice of a two-party system is gradually coming to the fore in the country,” he said.
“In 1999, when I was advocating for a two-party system, some of my colleagues had their doubts, but I told them that it provides a choice, which is the first essence of democracy.”
Earlier, Jerry Gana, head of the delegation, had urged the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to allow opposition political parties to always voice their opinion on issues.
Gana also advised the APC to allow rival parties to develop so as to offer Nigerians other options “at all times”.
“The presence of opposition is key to democratic growth; we must allow Nigerians to listen to the other side,” he said.
He described Babangida as “a visionary leader, who read the future and advocated a two-party system long ago”.

PDP tells Buhari – Nigerians deserve to know your health status

The Ahmed Makarfi’s faction of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said Nigerians deserve to know the health status of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Dayo Adeyeye, on Friday, the faction berated the presidency over its handling of Buhari’s health issue.

The faction said the Presidency should be more transparent in managing the health issue of Buhari.

According to Adeyeye, “The national caretaker committee led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, CON, on behalf of the entire PDP organs and family nationwide joins other Nigerians to welcome back the president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari from the United Kingdom this morning.

“We pray for the president’s complete recovery and advise the presidency to be more transparent in managing the health of President Muhmmadu Buhari.

“Nigerians deserve to know the health status of their president and how it’s being managed.”

The Makarfi’s faction commended the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo for standing in while the President was away on medical vacation.

“In the same vein, we thank the Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo for holding forth creditably while the president was away and urge him to continue to work assiduously to lift the nation out of this debilitating economic recession.

“To achieve this, all hands must be on deck. There is therefore the need to reduce political tension and bring all Nigerians together.

“We call on all Nigerians to continue to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari’s quick recovery and for wisdom for the Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbanjo in the onerous task of steering the ship of state,” the statement added.

After spending over 50 day on medical vacation in London, Buhari in the early hours of Friday arrived Nigeria.

Similarly, Makarfi himself had earlier said the PDP will continue to pray for Buhari’s quick recovery to handle the tough job ahead.

[Daily Post]

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