Unbelievable! Thief gets stuck in chimney for two days trying to rob building [Photos]

33-year-old man identified as Andrea Zunga, who accused of attempting a robbery, was stuck in a chimney at a youth centre in Zimbabwe for two days, before being rescued by a fire brigade crew and taken away by police.
According to a report by Zimbabwean journalist, Raisedon Baya, the suspect’s accomplices who are still at large, managed to get in and out through one of the chimneys and got way with two computers, a laptop and a jacket but he got stuck in the other chimney which is blocked at the bottom.
The accomplices on realising that Zunga was stuck in the chimney fled with their loot and did not tell anyone about the mishap.
It was gathered that during his rescue mission, police were there on time to save him from an angry mob before whisking him away.
Zunga who looked like a zombie from a movie when he emerged from the chimney, is said to be on important medication after having come from South Africa on a stretcher, family members said.

Tragic! Thief burnt alive in Makurdi [Graphic Photos]

an unidentified man was burnt alive this morning at Federal university of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State.

Sources said the alleged thief stormed a private students hostel and tried to steal from a student. It was gathered that the thief demanded for the student’s laptop and phone but the student said he refused, which angered the thief.

At that moment the thief angrily shot at the student once, he fortunately evaded the gun shot, raised an alarm as a struggle ensued between them. The students of Federal University Of Agriculture, in numbers came out of their various rooms and apprehended the suspect and set him ablaze.

[Linda Ikeji]

Lagos residents save thief from being burnt alive [Photo]

A convict escaped death on Wednesday as street security men attempted to burn him alive for robbing a compound on Karaa Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos.

The suspect, identified simply as Victor, who scaled a fence into the compound, thought all the occupants of the house had gone to work until he was spotted by a neighbour.

While being beaten, he confessed that it was his third attack on the house.

Security men on the street put a tyre on him and were about to douse him with petrol before setting him alight when residents of the area intervened to save his life.

A resident of the street told sources that the suspect said that he was sent to jail for robbery and had only been released recently.

“He told us that before he went to jail, he had robbed the same compound two times. When he got out of jail, he came back again to rob the compound,” he said.

The residents later handed the suspect over to the Ajao Estate Police Command, where he is currently still being detained.


Car thief busted by angry mob in Ojota, Lagos [Photos]

A notorious car thief was caught by a Lagos mob as he attempted to bolt away with his loot in Ojota.

Online reports stated that all the items were recovered except the money because he wasn’t arrested on the scene but was suspected after he left the scene. He was caught and was taken to his house where all the stolen items were recovered except the money.
The identity of the alleged thief or where he is probably cooling his heels now, are unascertained as at the time of filing this report.
See another photo below;

Tragic! Angry mob chop off alleged TV thief’s hand in Akwa Ibom

According to Inibehe Effiong who shared this story on Facebook, the man pictured below was caught at about 5 am at Aka Itiam, some say Ibiam Street in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State while trying to steal a flat screen TV from a football viewing centre. His hand was chopped off by a mob.


Those who chopped off this man’s hand should be traced, arrested and prosecuted for inflicting grievous bodily harm. The perpetrators are criminals. They are worse than the man. We cannot continue with this type of insanity.

Jungle justice evinces our institutional, social and moral backwardness. This is a manifestation of a stone age mentality. This man did not kill anyone, he did not rape anyone.
Stealing is not a capital offence.

What I find particularly repulsive is the fact that those who inflicted this permanent injury on this man and those applauding the carnage are the very people defending, canonising and worshipping corrupt politicians who are ruining their lives and looting the resources of their state.

This is bestial and hypocritical. The police should have been invited into the matter.
I therefore call on the Akwa Ibom State Police Command to immediately arrest and prosecute those found culpable to serve as a deterrent to other misguided members of the public who are always quick to visit mob justice on those who commit petty crimes while praising the big thieves.

[Laila’s Blog]

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